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Hi everybody,

first of all this script is originally written by St0ne db and i use it since a few years now.
For the fact that it version 2.0 from this script dont work with the newest version from PtokaX
i thought its time to start learning LUA myself and convert this amazing script.

And now here it is: Magnet Link Library 3.0

Its not only converted - i have also added and changed some things in this script (read more about it in the script).

For everybody who dont know this script:
This is a Release & Request bot with alot of features
- Add/Remove Categories
- Add/Remove Releases
- Add/Remove Requests
- Add comments to releases
- Vote for the releases
- Add a description to the releases
- Add Magnet links to the releases
- Add Weblinks to the releases
- Nuke releases
- Ranking system

I have tested it alot (cause its the first time i converted a script) and couldnt find any error in it.
If you find any error let me know. And also feedback is welcome.

best regards

I have noticed that i had attached the wrong version to this post.
The one i had attached didnt send the RCMenu to registered users (only to op and higher).
I have updated the attachment with the correct version.



--- Code: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
-- Mlink.Library.v3.0a.LUA5.X-PtokaX          [ by: St0ne db ] [Modded by: lUk3f1l3w4lK3R]
--  A new kind of release and request bot.
----[ Tested With ]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
-- PtokaX v0.3.5.1c & PtokaX v0.3.5.1d - [ Lua 5.0.3 and Lua 5.1.1 ]
-- Version 3.0 tested with
-- PtokaX v0.4.1.2
----[ Version 3.0a Change Log ]-[by lUk3f1l3w4lK3R]----------------------------------------
-- Fixed: Bug in change skin
----[ Version 3.0 Change Log ]-[by lUk3f1l3w4lK3R]-----------------------------------------
-- Added: Error report to OP in pm
-- Added: Memory use report in pm (when script is started and stopped)
-- Added: Message to user that RC commands are enabled (Send in main)
-- Added: RC SubMenu - taken from scriptname or use "Custom Name"
-- Changed: RC Menu - is now taken from hubname or use "Custom Name"
-- Added: Help (sends available commands to user in main)
-- Added: Converted to new API
--- End code ---

Attachment in first post updated

Thank you, this looks like a cool enhancement on freshstuff. I'll give it a whirl on ADCH++.

Update: Do you think it would be possible to implement the possibility to change releases without deleting them? That would make things a lot easier. Thanks for considering this!

I'm implementing this script for my hub (was trying freshstuff but this is superior) and it is revolutionizing how our entire hub works. It is amazing!

There's one major thing we're looking for though, and that's editing existing releases. (the release name, and also contents of the release info).

Currently we can only change something by deleting and re-adding, a cumbersome process.

Like jorgo suggested, is there a chance this might be possible? I am not sure how complicated adding an 'edit release' function would be, it seems pretty central to the script with a lot to do with the database and maintaining it etc...but maybe it's not that complicated :)...

Many thanks!!!!

I will try to add this option but this can take some time cause i just started learning LUA.

Btw there is allready something like this, not exactly an edit option,
but when using the wizard to add a release/request
you can allways type:
back - for going a page back

and there is the verification of the release/request information you wanna post.
At this point of the wizard you get a preview of your post.
If something is wrong just type back and edit the things you wanna edit.

Anyway thx for the feedback and suggestion.


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