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PtokaX Translator 0.200


New version, or more correctly whole new app. Smaller, faster, better ;D

This is simply utility to easy create and update language files for PtokaX Direct Connect hub software.

How to make or update translation in few steps:
1) Start PtokaX Translator.
2) Open latest example language file with "Open example language file..." button.
3) If you have already translation then open that with "Open translated language file..." button.
4) (Optional) Set language name, creator and PtokaX version.
5a) When you prefer to use keyboard then navigate through strings by up/down keys and press enter when you have selected string you want to translate/change. write translation and press enter again.
5b) When you prefer to use mouse then double click on string that you want to translate/change. Write your translation and press accept button.
6) Repeate step 5a or 5b to translate all strings. When you want to see missing strings to translate then you can sort by translated string column ;)
7) Save your new translation with "Save translation to file..." button.

Nice tool :)


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