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Fresh ip-to-country database

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Considering that

--- Quote ---The database was last updated on December 14 2010
--- End quote ---
I managed to convert GeoIP database to Ip2Country format.
This file was converted from GeoIPCountryWhois.csv dated July 05, 2011


Thank you very much for Sharing this with us :)

I dont know if others are also having the issue that the attachment seems to be downloaded as index.php but just incase here is the solution ;)

Rightclick and select "Save as" and change the file extension from php to zip. I will have a look at the site coding sometime soon to see if i can fix it.
I have noticed this behaviour on IE9 and Firefox Nightly 8.0a1

The problem is not in the MIME Types Setting but with the Attachment system of the latest SMF Version. Using the Downloads Section Uploading went fine as you can see here
So i would advise uploading attachments in there and then linking the Download within the Posts instead of using the Attachment System until i have found the problem ;)

I have no problems with download, also in this topic, also before you changed link... What am I doing wrong?  ;)

Well then you were lucky ;)
I tested with Internet Explorer 9 and the Latest Nightly Version of Firefox (Nightly 8.0a1) and both gave the download out as index.php hehe
Well if the Attachment system works for you then feel free to use it, i'd still advise using the download database and linking to it in the posts to be on the safe side


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