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Replacing xml configuration files with text/binary files

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One of PtokaX problems is storing data (registered users, banlist etc.) in xml files. Reading and writing large xml files is slow and can't be much improved. Another problem with xml is dependency on tinyxml, thing that make compilation on unix systems more complicated that it should be.

So i'm here with idea to replace slow xml with better format for data saving.
Idea is to use simple binary files that i'm designed (and i will use it to store GUI settings) to store PtokaX configuration files. Not only that this should be faster, but it will allow to save changes in regs/bans without writting whole file as it is needed in xml.
In case when it will be needed then files like settings can be saved as simple text files, to allow users to change them...
Of course for few versions PtokaX will be able to read old xml files and convert them to new data format.

So please vote above if this change should be done, and post below if you want to change all files to binary or some files can be saved as plain-text  8)

How about language files?
Oh, and why not use Lua for editable configuration, so users editing the PtokaX config files will have a familiar syntax when configuring scripts?


--- Quote from: bastya_elvtars on 09 August, 2011, 18:14:09 ---why not use Lua for editable configuration

--- End quote ---
Because that not improve performance...


--- Quote from: PPK on 09 August, 2011, 18:28:11 ---Because that not improve performance...

--- End quote ---

I know but for language files and the editable configs the performance penalty shouldn't be an issue as they aren't read/written all the time. I am not talking of huge lists (regs, bans) here.

Since the beginning of XML's existence, I've always said that XML is slow, so i agree that you should put together a binary format for bans and registered users, as for language files, as bastya pointed out, they are not re-loaded repeatedly and therefore the performance decrease would be unnoticeable, especially for todays specifications of CPU's, which would allow for easier editing of languages for third-party translators.



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