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It's interesting to know, how much code (estimated value, of course!) should be revised to support UTF-8. Basic functions like strlen() works fine with UTF, so where is the root of all evil in PX sources?
And what about your plans on this refactoring?

In PtokaX core that should be really simple, because core is working with most text data as with data of some size in bytes and not care about encoding. Here will be only all input data (from users, scripts, language files, settings) checked if they are utf-8 and if not then converted.
In gui it is more complicated, as gui on windoze don't use utf-8 or ascii (one byte per character) encoding to display texts. So here all text data will be converted from/to unicode encoding used by winapi.

I don't know when i have time to make bigger change as this one is  :(

That's great, you must be like god level programmer.  :angel:
Is it on Github? How can one contribute to it?


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