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New PtokaX is here:
Win32 GUI
Win64 GUI
Win32 service/console
Win64 service/console
UniX source (was tested on Linux/FreeBSD/Nexenta)

--- Quote from: Changelog... ---    Added: Missing PtokaX icon to 64bit service binary.
    Added: Project files for visual studio 2010.
    Added: Crash log generation to new gui windows version.
    Added: Core.GetUserValue(tUser, 27) return user MAC Address when it is possible.
    Added: Enabled Data Execution Prevention for 32bit windoze version when system support that.
    Added: Line numbers to script editor.
    Added: Column sorting to registered users list in registered users window.
    Added: Filter to registered users window.
    Added: Column sorting to ban list in bans window.
    Added: Filter to bans window.
    Added: Build numbering.
    Added: Column sorting to range ban list in range bans window.
    Added: Filter to range bans window.
    Added: DPI awareness.
    Added: Resizeable splitter to Users/Chat and Scripts pages.
    Added: Core.BuildNumber returning PtokaX build number to Lua api.
    Added: Saving of window sizes, column sizes, checkbox states and splitter positions in gui.
    Added: Command line command /generatexmllanguage to generate english language example.
    Fixed: Compile with Lua 5.2.0 (beta)
    Fixed: Missing user input length checking in some commands (thx Rahim for report).
    Fixed: Multiple class member variables not initialized in the constructor.
    Fixed: Multiple memory leaks when realloc fails.
    Fixed: Multiple obsolete usleep functions replaced with nanosleep.
    Fixed: Multiple redundant check for NULL before free/delete.
    Fixed: Multiple memory leaks when ip-to-country loading fails.
    Fixed: Memory leak when script try to reg bot with nick that already exist.
    Fixed: Memory leak when text file creating fails.
    Fixed: Integer overflow for temp ban expiring after 03:14:07, January 19, 2038 in 32bit version or 23:59:59, December 31, 3000 in 64bit version (thx Saymon for report).
    Changed: Windows GUI, from GUI created with Borland VCL to WinAPI GUI.
    Changed: Some min/max setting values.
    Changed: Times and dates are now shown in system locale format.
    Changed: GUI layout to correctly use system font and DPI settings.
    Changed: On windoze memory allocator for Lua is not part of Lua lib anymore, it is now part of PtokaX.
    Changed: Default redirect setting and redirect address. Redirect address point to PtokaX alpha test hub.
    Improved: Update checking. Now using HTTP 1.1, update file is simple text file instead of xml.
    Removed: Setting for send userip to user on login, it is send always when user corretly indicate UserIP2 in supports.
    Removed: Setting to popup scripts window on script error, it is obsolete with new GUI.
    Rewritten: Resolve code from deprecated gethostbyname to getaddrinfo.
    Updated: TinyXML to 2.6.2
    Updated: Zlib to 1.2.5.
    Patched: Lua with official patch from

--- End quote ---



Thanks, PPK!  :D
Let's try...  :P

--- Quote ---Fixed: Compile with Lua 5.2.0 (beta)
--- End quote ---
5.1.4  ;)

PPK, old PXLFS 1.2.1 not works with, waiting for new DLL....  :(

File English.xml.example absent in!


--- Quote from: WAJIM on 13 September, 2011, 07:50:53 ---old PXLFS 1.2.1 not works with, waiting for new DLL....  :(
--- End quote ---
Why you waiting for something that is already available ?  ;D

--- Quote from: WAJIM on 13 September, 2011, 07:50:53 ---File English.xml.example absent in!

--- End quote ---
When you read changelog then you found that you can generate it by /generatexmllanguage command :P

--- Quote ---PtokaX.exe /generatexmllanguage
--- End quote ---


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