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Nice Guide
Ptokax up and runing in no time .
But Ptokax stops working after a few hours. How come ?
I havent found out why.
Some times it will run for 5 hours next time only 1 hour.
the computer doesnt go down during the time.

Any suggestions .
Runing it on Debian 6.
Hope you understand what I mean.
/regards swee

What PtokaX version ? What scripts you are using ? Afaik on debian luasocket is crashing PtokaX  ::)

Sorry forgot.
Tried Ptokax first .
Then whit .
whit the script NoPubHub 1.0f LUA 5.1x [Strict][API 2]

the scripts run whit no problem on a windows machine

Had same problems on both Ptokax versions.

Will it run on Ubuntu  then ?

Thanx for reply.
/regards swee


--- Quote from: swee on 11 March, 2012, 22:00:25 ---scripts

--- End quote ---
I see only one script in your post. Anyway i'm running my public hub on free VPS with debian 6.0 without problems mostly with uptimes longer than week, most time from one VPS crash to another VPS crash ;D

Well You are so right it is only one script.  :D
But I will give it a go and try it whitout any script to see if there is any changes.

Is there some issues with some scripts ?
I figured if they are working on an Windows machine they should work on an Linux machine as well.

/regards swee


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