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can we please have the previous version of the "Registered User" Interface?

Take a look in the attachment plz.

The current interface is kind of grayed out and does not allow one any subsequent editing right in the GUI.



your able to change password and profiles, changing nick is registering a new user so whats wrong?


--- Quote from: the-master on 21 May, 2012, 16:31:01 ---...changing nick is registering a new user so whats wrong?

--- End quote ---

Nah, not quite entirely accurate I think Sir.
From my perspective, if I edit the Nickname of the same still consisting user, the one who
wannts to keep his current existing password and profile and only wannts to change his
nickname or only a small part of it e.g. a prefix, then I would probably not talk about
'registering a new user', rather than doing small changes to the existing individual values
with minimal effort.

I have a few hundred registered users and I receive quite often requests about certain
nickchanges for many reasons whatsoever. And as admin with a greater heart than any
care bear I fullfill this request.

The current method requires me to discard the present password and profile into a clipboard,
then create the new desired nickname, then enter the old password and profile. And finaly,
delete the old nick again to minimize the user data redundancy.
Few seconds more work...c`mon, how can any one accept responsibility for this and
still live with that.  ;D

this might be offtopic but I really really like the new "Filter registered User"
Option, where you can filter/search for specific parts.
What a great blessing for admins, really!
Muchas Gracias for that.



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