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Happy new Year all ;) Can you help with G++ Error ptokax 0501


Happy new year all  :D

Hello i want to switch ptokax but ive got a error on debian 7  32 bits  when i unpack ptokax 0501.tgz in /usr/src

tdc++ -lpthread -llua5.1 -lrt -lz
g++: error: /usr/src/PtokaX/skein/skein.a: No such file or directory
make: *** [PtokaX] Error 1

And the second question do you have a hubmenu script i search in the script but can`t found it .
thx for advise  ..


thx PPk it working ;)
now i search for a good working hubmenu script lua 51

Hope you can help me  :ppp:

Keep on the good work   :xmas:


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