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hey there
i need your help.
i figured out how to make a PtokaX server run on raspberrypi
but now i want to make freshstuff.lua start and i doesn't.

Freshstuff is 5.0.1 and PtokaX is either or both on lua 5.1

scripts is found with command !getscripts
result is (0) freshstuff.lua

when i try to start it with !startscript freshstuff.lua
i get *** error, script freshstuff.lua start failed.
*** Freshstuff3 5.0.1 detected PtokaX host app
*** loaded 8 releases in 0 seconds
*** Freshstuff3 5.0.1 kernel loaded

but i won't start on both PtokaX. need help please.

Your ***error is no error, it's scriptloading, plz post errors or try explaining your problem correct.

I have the same problem. I think it is because freshstuff comes with windows DLLs for the lua filesystem library. I installed the lua-filesystem library and replaced PXLFS.dll with, but that didn't work either

What problem? theres no problem specified.. freshstuf started and no errors given..

there is no clear error message to show what the error is. All it says is

[06:01:25] <WoodStock> *** Error, script freshstuff.lua start failed.
[06:01:25] *  *** FreshStuff3 5.0.1 detected PtokaX as host app.
[06:01:25] *  *** Loaded 0 releases in 0.0024030000000002 seconds.
[06:01:25] *  *** FreshStuff3 5.0.1 kernel loaded.

If anyone can tell me where this elusive "real error message" is, i can post it here.


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