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My PtokaX hub, running on Yes,... I lacked updating, my non-digital life moved on. Now is the moment I can make some time for improvents.

I've done a quick try for updating Ptokax (windows version) to the newest version And I faced some issues. It would be nice to get some advice on this.
A. I'm using Pxsocket. This seems not to be working anymore. Do I need to use a newer version?
B. Is there some kind of FAQ or list with information which functions are not available anymore in LUA version (versus 5.1)?
C. My user XML file seems to be ignored. Is there any converter?

It has been a quick try updating. But if there is anyone who knows something about this, it will be much easier for me to convert my big main script to the newer LUA version compatible with the latest PtokaX.

1 ) Luasocket is available for new version here
2 ) It is in Lua 5.2.x manual.
3 ) When RegisteredUsers.pxb file not exist then PtokaX should load regs from RegisteredUsers.xml. It is working for me...

Tnx PPK.

I have also found the documentation of LUA 5.2.


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