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Crowdfunding for ADC protocol support in PtokaX


Adding ADC protocol support to PtokaX means significant amount of work. Work that can take from 6 to 12 person-months. Crowdfunding is only way how to get that work done.

Goal is to get at least 100 Bitcoins by end of July 2015 at address 115vm2VDNmvQUu8iasCA1P5PAfYDH23BPY

Coding will start immediately after goal will be reached. Actual state can be checked here.
When goal will not be reached then funds will be returned.

When goal will be reached then public testing hub will be available. Public code repository will be available and testing versions will be released for public testing. Version with full ADC protocol support (as is documented here) will be released before end of July 2016.

Ended yesterday... with much better result that i'm expected. Here is absolute zero interest in ADC support. So that close this question permanently and forever :)


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