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Server always saying <Enter - Hub name here>

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Dear Community,

I have a bit of a problem with a PtokaX server that I just set up running on lubuntu 15.10. I use the newest version of PtokaX from the website.

Thing is, I am a Windows Admin and have my troubles with Linux. A lack of experiance. I never compiled anything before so this was alot reading HowTos for me ;)

My PtokaX is installed in /srv/PtokaX. I edited the Settings.pxt file in /srv/PtokaX/cfg/Settings.pxt and modified the line
#HubName = TestLAN

But whenever I connect to the Hub, If says <Enter - Hub name here> in the top line of the client's window.
I'd appreciate any tip what I am doing wrong.

Just follow guide from PtokaX Wiki  ;)

Thanks mate, that looks promising. From all my 800 Google searches, why did I not find -m?  :boxed:

Nope, I completed the basic setup.
It asked for the hub name, I modified it but a client still reads "Enter - hub name here" in the window top.

Then you provide to PtokaX wrong settings directory. Or PtokaX don't have permission to read or write to settings directory ...


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