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How do i start my own hub? I have my own domain and also i have a windows 7 PC

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I have a hard time on how to set up the GUI version. So, i have a windows 7 64 bit machine i can run 24/7. On top of that, i have my own webhosting and domain if that helps.

Anyways, there is no official guide for the GUI version for windows.

The most confusing thing is what IP address to type in for the hub IP. I want my hub to be open and public so that anybody can join in. I want  it to appear in the hublists as well. also, i want the connection to be MY OWN DOMAIN .com if it is possible.

So what are the steps and how can i do this for free if that is possible.

There's no IP needed in settings on PtokaX, you better use your own domain and set your domain to your IP.
You don't have a problem with PtokaX, but with other stuff.
Some hublists are auto pinging by Pto's settings, others need you to register and add your hubs addy manualy.
Some help:


i am trying but hub says connection timed out. i cannot do this on my own. I need help. I already have the client running but now what? what do i type in the settings? i want the hub to be public as well.

Hub can't say connection timeout, your client does.
Do not mess with settings unless you're sure its wrong.
Try connecting to your hub with addy "localhost" in clients settings, if its running you should be able to get in.
Test your domain if it's setup the way it should by opening a cmd-line and use command "ping your-domain-name".
It should resolve and ping to your IP
If you still can't get in though your-domain-name, check settings on it's website.
Like I told you before, you're not having issues with ptokax, but with your network etc.

Did you check if you opend the right ports  in youre router.


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