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(rather an annoyance) Default directories in config/daemon/interactive


When you invoke Ptokax with the -m switch it defaults to ~/PtokaX -- and does the same when you run the bot in interactive (that is, non-daemon) mode. However, if you start PtokaX with -d it seeks for config in ~/.PtokaX instead (one dot difference). I understand this can be overridden with the -c switch but took a while to figure it out. :D

This is little complicated. It defaults to current directory. But for daemon full path must be specified and if i remember correctly daemon have nothing like current directory so it gets current home directory of actual user and adds /.PtokaX

Yeah, I was quite sure this wasn't a bug. Thanks for the clarification, will keep this in mind.


Um ok then, can that change? Or add an option to include the default filters?



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