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Hi there,

I have been using version since long time now and been working perfectly however since installing windows 10, I am facing problems, is this normal with everyone and what is the solution to this?

I found installing the new Ptokax very confusing and not user friendly like the old one and Robocop does not work neither most scripts I have which are old and not compatible with the latest Ptokax.


Cannot speak for PPK but is rather old, insecure and contains an unsupported version of Lua. How about ditching Robocop and trying without an AIO bot?

I would love to ditch Robocop but I found the new version very complicated and missing some elements needed to setup a hub, for example, where does one add a user or create one and see all users, I could not locate that in the latest GUI version of Ptokax, is there a guide to download a step-by-step guide to creating a new hub with the latest Ptokax? unfortunately the website lacks this which is crucial to any user.

Thats bullsh*t, it's in the Ptokax  GUI under view/registered users, seperat window pops up.
Did you ever try !help from inside the hubsoft? my bet is NO.



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