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Phrase-O-Rama TïMê†råVêlléR & Cêñoßy†ê mod


Updated version of -->
   Phrase-O-Rama Script 1.0b LUA 5.0/5.1
   By Chaggydawg

   Much like a trivia script, be first to answer the hidden phrase
   before it is revealed. Unlike most trivia script, this one does
   does NOT bogg the hub down, nor does it consume more than 1Mb of
   memory. You can add your own phrase lists as text files
   This is a fantastic script and my hubbers play it often

   Modded by Mutor 9-22-04

   + Added Display of available phrase lists
   + Added option for right click menu
   + Loads/saves active list to file when hub/scripts restart
   + Added option to enable/disable specified list
   + Shortened the timer to make it a bit more fun
   + Added a few more phrase lists
   + Added delay for phrase reveal
   +Converted to LUA 5 2/23/05 by Mutor
   •T.C.TriviA• mod by TïMê†råVêlléR & Cêñoßy†ê lua 5.3
   1.1 - 2.1
      -- Changelog file corrupted
   2.2 - 18.12.2018
      -- Added option to choose where game played (kickbar/main/private)
      -- Added !gamejoin if game on private mode
      -- Added !gamepart if game on private mode
      -- Fixed !toggle command
      -- Rebuilded alot functions etc.
   2.3 - 13.02.2019
      -- Fixed T.C.Trivia.lua:381: attempt to compare number with nil
      -- Fixed bad argument #1 to 'random' (interval is empty)
      -- Re-styled help output
      -- Fixed few typos
      -- Fixed double message bug in private mode
      -- Added new description if game in private mode (Players: 0 [type !gamejoin to join the game])
      -- Added !gamemode <main/kickbar/private> cmd to adjust where game played [request by Beertje]
   2.4 - 03.08.2019
      -- Rebuilded !gamehelp command
      -- Code cleaning
      -- Added ranking
   2.5 - 12.11.2019
      -- Fixed Last question solved by: when question not solved
      -- Added category counter
      -- Less memory usage
      -- Added auto skip if memory usage higher than mem usage (default 500kb)
      -- Updated main/private layout
      -- Added reward points to question
   2.5.1 - 17.01.2020
      -- All phrases stuff in one folder

I will post updated phrases packages when new done ! This version has 100 categorys (folder phrases)


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