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      GateKeeper™ script started 25.03.2019 by Cêñoßy†ê

   * Searches bad strings on users share with timer (TTH or data)
      - Reacts to searches done by other users allso ;)
                - Options to add/del/show on database (automatically sended to supported clients with permission from GateKeeper.lua )
               -  Ignored lines as ^^
               -  bad share as ^^
   * Detects fakes shares by sharesize
      -- Due same multiple same number (like 6x 000000) (default 6X)
                 - Adjustable with command
      -- Due exact size on database (on database)
                 - Options to add/del/show on database (automatically sended to supported clients with permission from GateKeeper.lua )
   * Detects data collective BOTS
                -- Collects user data with searching .doc etc files..  (automatically enabled and blocked)
   * Detects spammer BOTS
                -- Some bot that spammed hubs with links  (automatically enabled and blocked)
   * Optional report to ops
      -- If OP-Chat enabled report goes there, else reports are sended to OPs as main message
      -- If reporting disabled it kicks and temporay bans users ip
       * Detects 0b (empty) files if needed and reports/kicks as normal bad files  (optional check)  has kick/report

   ++ Bad data/ignore data can be upper/lower or mixed case 14.04.2020
   ** Fixed bug in delete commands 14.04.2020
   ** Updated bot detection messages 08.04.2020
   ** Changed bot ip tempban to 120 minutes 08.04.2020
   ** Fixed sharesize on fake share detection
   ** Updated bad data's
   ++ Added empty file TTH as protected TTH
   ++ Added empty files to report/kick (request from Mothman)
   ++ Added detection of empty files (0 bytes)
      - Sends pm to user what/where file detected
      - Informs operators
   ++ Combined SRArrival and UDPSArrival as one
   -- Huge code cleaning
   ** Changed reporting email to use PtokaX owner email
   ** Changed !reportfake and !reportpedo commands to !reportdata
   ** Changed all TTH/pedo commands
   ++ Bad TTH and bad data now in same file
      -- Removed fakefiles.tbl
      -- Removed pfiles.tbl
      ++ Added bad_data.tbl
   ++ Added new type on/off for profile options in commands
   -- Removed IP logging
   -- Removed nick/ip ban parts
   ++ 200 new TTHs :P

v 1.3
   ++ Added adjustable X times same number in share as fake share example 123000000b  (default 6)
   -- Removed adjustable time for time ban (uses ptokax default tempbantime)
   +- Added adjustable email for report (if false detection)
   ++ Added 30 more fake file TTHs + more coming
   ** Arranged and updated pedodetection database
   ++ Added small cosmetic changes
   ++ Added new database counter
   ++ Added Spammerbot detection (From Angelique script by Cêñoßy†ê)
   ++ Added detection of possible fake file
   ** Changed pedofiles to own database

v 1.2
   -- Rebuilded ip logging ( b )
   -- Added ignore file ( b )
   -- Added commands + rc: ( b )
      !addignore <data>   adds new ignored data
      !delignore <data>   deletes ignored data
      !showignore      shows all ignored data
      !showtth      shows all tth data
      !deltth <data>      deletes tth data
   -- Fixed !delshare <sharesize> command ( b )
   -- Added buildmode      default is off ( c )
   -- Code cleaning ( c )
   -- Added counter for detected fake share ips ( d )
   -- Added option for full nickban/ipban for fake shares detected 3 times ( d )
   -- Added sharesize containing 5x 0-9 as hardcoded fake share ( d )
   -- Updated !addshare <value> command to ignore hardcoded shares
   -- Added changable timer times
   -- Added changable count when fakes get banned
   -- Rewritten fake share function
   -- Added BOT detection (From Pinhead script by Cêñoßy†ê)
   -- Updated ignored data function

v 1.1
   -- Removed on/off for pedo/bad files
   -- Added ignore list
   -- Added !delshare <sharesize> command + rc
   -- Added ip monitoring database cleaner
   -- Added ip monitoring for detected ips
   -- Added !showsettings command + rc
   -- Added !reportpedo <on/off> command + rc
   -- Added !reportfake <on/off> command + rc
   -- Added !addshare <sharesize> command + rc
   -- Added !addtth <tth> command + rc
   -- Added settings file
   -- Added database file for fakeshares
   -- Added own folder for files
   -- Added if bot name is empty script uses main bot name
   -- Added fake share detector


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