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      GateKeeper™ script started 25.03.2019
            by Cêñoßy†ê
   * Searches bad TTH and data from users share with timer
      - If added data has 39 characters script searches it as TTH
      - Reacts to searches done by other users allso
   * Detects fakes shares by sharesize
      -- Due same multiple same number (like 6x 000000) (default 6X)
      -- Due exact size on database
   * Detects data collective BOTS
   * Detects spammer BOTS
   * Optional report to ops
      -- If OP-Chat enabled report goes there, else reports are sended to ops as main message
      -- If reporting disabled it kicks and tempbans users ip and logs the ip
   * IP/nick gets permanently banned after X time detected as fakeshare or bad TTH/data (default ,nick/3X)
   * Based to Pinhead script by me ;) with less memory usage

   ++ Added detection of empty files (0 bytes)
      - Sends pm to user what/where file detected
      - Informs operators
   ++ Combined SRArrival and UDPSArrival as one
   -- Huge code cleaning
   ** Changed reporting email to use PtokaX owner email
   ** Changed !reportfake and !reportpedo commands to !reportdata
   ** Changed all TTH/pedo commands
   ++ Bad TTH and bad data now in same file
      -- Removed fakefiles.tbl
      -- Removed pfiles.tbl
      ++ Added bad_data.tbl
   ++ Added new type on/off for profile options in commands
   -- Removed IP logging
   -- Removed nick/ip ban parts
   ++ 200 new TTHs :P


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