GetHubIp problem


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GetHubIp problem

Started by Naithif, 11 April, 2007, 11:53:40

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Hi guys

Anyone knows if it's possible to grab a hub's actual IP if it's dynamic? I mean like sending active searches with frmHub:GetHubIp() and frmHub:GetHubUdpPort() works (with resolve to IP checked at the GUI), but it isn't aware of the host's IP change.
Is it possible to make it referring to the actual IP everytime? (or would it require resolving from the hubsoft everytime?  :-\) Or is there something similiar lua side? Something like resolving dns addresses or such?

Thanks in advance


mayby with pxwsa library ?

Code: lua
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PPK would it be hard to add non-blocking DNS lookup and reverse lookup?
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