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!Beta testing!

Started by ptaczek, 13 October, 2003, 10:32:34

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well.. i use filehandles to work with files
so i wouldnt know how lua behaves when you dont reset back to stdin
resetting twice (as you do) shouldt hurt

could try to readfrom() right after file = read("*a")
for some reason you have it in the last else clause


well anyways without the *a its fine, but in td4 it works like a charm

well gotta go script more, l8rr,,
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has anyone heard from ptaczek lately?  I last had a pm message from him 10/28 and replied and havent heard anything from him since.  Just waiting on knowing what to do or where to go so I can help in beta testing since I was asked if I wanted to.
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Where I can download this version of ptokax?? for testing...

....sorry 4 my english.... :D



QuoteOriginally posted by daemon
Where I can download this version of ptokax?? for testing...

....sorry 4 my english.... :D

You can't - the testers is sellected sorry  ;)
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I repeat my request.
In the past i use the ptokax but when i have find YHUB i have preferer it.
I want test the ptokax beta version for change my idea.
Can you HELP ME??

P  L  E  A  S  E
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c h i l l a

Question: did anybody have problems with,
right klick on user and kick  with 15.11 ?


QuoteOriginally posted by c h i l l a
Question: did anybody have problems with,
right klick on user and kick  with 15.11 ?

Nope i aint yet
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Nope  no probs  white kick


no, probs here either!
running ver? smooth...

c h i l l a

true thanks,  no I only had prob kicking myself on the same comp as the hub is.


Sorry guys for the silence last few days :)

[size=2]0.330 build 15.12
- fixed silly malfunction of Kick
- rewriten user's Close() method. I hope it will be finally ok
- MOTD is now being sent without the  prefix. Write your own right into the text
- added support for textfiles (read examples in texts directory)
- added !reloadtxt commad (included also in profile manager)
- several security fixes
- added new rights to the profile manager
- script errors are now shown with full stack traceback and line numbers
- added connection overload protection. No more than 50 simultaneous logins.[/size]

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Beta Test 0.330 build 15.12

I get this when I start it

server socket bind error: 10048
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Build 15.12 dbg

some trouble when pressing " stop hub" , Debug on its way !


it's possible that in main chat with b15.12 appeared this text?

[13:59] (null)$Quit flon
[13:59] (null)$Hello md80

PS the stop button still change in start when selecting another language

sorry for my english


what DC client you are using?

This whole physical universe is a hologram.
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Hi. Now i testing ptokax b15.12.
And when I try to connect to MULTIHUB-SERVER i recived Server unreachable but if i try to connect  to i recive ACTIVE.
Why????Have you got this problem?
In the afternoon and night i will test this version.......
be patient......
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i'm under dc++ 0.301..


!test command  doesent work for me


!test doesn't work for me too, and when i active the bot Lucifer6.6.6 (antispam) the chat is blocked (no one can write) and in scripts section there is:
Syntax error: attempt to index local `nick' (a nil value)
stack traceback:
   1:  function `DataArrival' at line 94 [file `...lese\0.330.b15.12.dbg\scripts\Lucifer 6.6.6.lua']

in user and chat sector, i could not see userlist before i push Refresh userlist

There aren't the lines for the bottoms "redirect all users" and "Mass-Msg"..Are normal?? :P

Problem with Start/Stop hub bottom, and problem with !restart command..Server Socket blind error: 10048
I can't restar the hub... and now?? :P
Please sorry my bad english, i'm learning it :-D

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QuoteOriginally posted by T?M??r?V?ll?R
!test command  doesent work for me

Where do u see that there is a !test cmd??

Is it just me tired or u being wacko  :D


!test works perfect here... have you guys remembered to turn it on in the advanced options tab?? ...



!text command maybe


lol  stupid  me  forgot to turn it on     ;(


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