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HOW-TO's / Re: Hub on a dynamic IP
« Last post by unknown[#] on 17 March, 2019, 11:23:43 »
but this is exactly what dynamic update clients are for. you get a address that is always bound to the IP the computer "gets" on the network
then you and your fellow hubbers use as the address
this should even work with nonroutable (that is, 192.168.x.x and 10.x.x.x) IP addresses
check out (free option available) or another dynamic dns hosting site

Thank you for the reply.
I am currently running the hub locally. I tried no-ip for masking my local ip with hostname but it doesnt seem to work. Is there anyway to do this masking thing for an local ip?
Support / Re: Search results order
« Last post by bastya_elvtars on 11 March, 2019, 11:16:28 »
Late reply but: it cannot be done in Lua as you cannot influence the order clients send their results back to the hub after receiving a search string. So if a search is done every user sends back the results to the hub (in passive mode) separately. Lua interface can only do anything after the search response reached the hub.The only option could be "holding back" every search result except for those coming from a particular nick for a few seconds.  So if a search is performed the results from the nick are not held back, making them appear first on the list.If you still need this I can do this delay but it's just an idea and not sure if it will work, but easy to code nonetheless.
FAQ section / Re: PtokaX on CentOS 7 Lua 5.2 (5.3)
« Last post by Babayka on 09 March, 2019, 18:07:57 »
Compiling for Lua 5.3  with this tutorial is not possible. You can see for yourself by opening the compilation script. I have already written everything. Anyone who knows about support Lua packages in CentOS, will understand me
FAQ section / Re: PtokaX on CentOS 7 Lua 5.2 (5.3)
« Last post by bastya_elvtars on 09 March, 2019, 13:25:46 »
I think you should elaborate on 'not possible.' If it throws an errror, please post the output (on the other hand I don't think I can help but anyone who can will need this information anyway).
FAQ section / Re: PtokaX on CentOS 7 Lua 5.2 (5.3)
« Last post by Babayka on 08 March, 2019, 21:59:04 »
Compiling for Lua 5.3 with this tutorial is not possible. Who has experience of manual installation? Colleagues, please share the results of your experiments  ;) Is this planned for the next version? Some repositories already have packages.
Bugs / [5.0.2]timed announcements do not work
« Last post by bastya_elvtars on 07 March, 2019, 19:58:43 »
Created a topic for this here as I keep forgetting about the report because it's quite hidden in an irrelevant topic.
FAQ section / Re: Does Ptokax work in Windows 10
« Last post by bastya_elvtars on 07 March, 2019, 19:30:13 »
I tried to suggest that even the non-GUI thing is quite easy, I have installed Ubuntu on Win10 and setting up there was like 5 mins (but only that long because the code did not compile without PPK's hacks :P )
EDIT: there used to be a GUI howto as well as lua tutorials on the wiki but they are gone ( has better ones anyway)
FAQ section / Re: PtokaX on CentOS 7 Lua 5.2 (5.3)
« Last post by bastya_elvtars on 07 March, 2019, 19:26:07 »
FAQ section / PtokaX on CentOS 7 Lua 5.2 (5.3)
« Last post by Babayka on 05 March, 2019, 13:17:08 »
Good day. Is it possible to install PtokaX on CentOS 7 Lua 5.2 (5.3) with database support? Have any of you tried this? Do you need any additional actions or is there such an option in the script? There is no exact guide to the PtokaX Wiki
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