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Title: max no. of users
Post by: bakwas on 18 October, 2003, 20:09:17
 i m kind of noob in running dc hub....currently i m running a hub on our campus only campus comps can connect.....everything is working great....and lot of credit for this goes to all the developers on this forum...:)but i just have a little question that  what should be the max no of  users that i should  allow to connect simultaneously.....i m running the hub on mine comp itself which is p-3 866 MHz, 256 mb RAM,windows xp pro sp1.....
currently no of users on hub is about 140....and it is using about 4563 kb of RAM.....and i m not noticing any differnece in performance of my comp.....

so considering the specs of my comp and that we have 10 mbps lan so bandwidth is not a problem , wat should be mine max users setting?
Post by: pHaTTy on 18 October, 2003, 20:13:00
i wud just keep them going until the hub starts to become laggy then turn the settings down to the mark of whihc it started to become laggy ;)
which i reckon youll rbby get about 1000 peeps no bother ;) mebbe a bit laggy with the comp spec but the connection speed will settle it ;)