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Title: Timedbot
Post by: johny on 01 May, 2004, 19:03:32
hi ya all,

i got a question about this bot

---// Loggin by TiMeTrAVelleR  Fixed By Optimus //--------------------------------------------------------------------------

BotName = "?timed bot?" --// Set here your bot name

kb = 1024
mb = kb*kb
gb = kb*kb*kb

function NewUserConnected(user)

function OpConnected(user)

--// Profile Counter
function ProfileCounter(profile)
   local table, count = GetUsersByProfile(profile), 0
   for i, User in table do
      if GetItemByName(User) then
         count = count + 1
   return count

function Message(user)
   if user.sMyInfoString then
      local disp = ""
      doGetProfile =  GetProfileName(user.iProfile) or "Not registerd"
      hubshare = format("%0.2f", frmHub:GetCurrentShareAmount()/(1024)/(1024)/(1024))
      local _,_,share = strfind(user.sMyInfoString, "^%$MyINFO %$ALL [^ ]+ [^$]*%$ $[^$]+[^$]%$[^$]*%$%s*(%d+)%$" )

      if share then
         minshare = format("%0.2f", tonumber(share)/gb).." GB"
         minshare = "Corrupt"

      border1 = "  ?::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::?"
      border2 = "  ?::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::?"
      disp = "\r\n\r\n"..border1.."\r\n"
      disp = disp.."   ?Welcome:         "..user.sName.."\r\n"
      disp = disp.."   ?To this fine place Called:      "..frmHub:GetHubName().."\r\n"
      disp = disp.."   ?Your IP:            "..user.sIP.."\r\n"
      disp = disp.."   ?Your Share:         "..minshare.."\r\n"
      disp = disp.."   ?Your Status in this Hub:      "..doGetProfile.."\r\n"
      disp = disp.."   ?Actual Share in the Hub:      "..hubshare.." GB\r\n"
      disp = disp.."   ?There are:          "..ProfileCounter("Owner").." [Owners] - "..ProfileCounter("Master").." [Masters] - "..ProfileCounter("Operator").." [Operators] - "..ProfileCounter("Vip").." [Vips] online\r\n"
      disp = disp.."   ?There are now:         "..frmHub:GetUsersCount().." of "..frmHub:GetMaxUsers().." users Online\r\n"
      disp = disp.."   ?Hub description is:      "..frmHub:GetHubDescr().."\r\n"
      disp = disp.."   ?Hub minshare is:                 6 GB\r\n"
      disp = disp.."   ?Redirect address is:      "..frmHub:GetRedirectAddress().."\r\n"
      disp = disp.."   ?Hub Powerd By:         RoboCop v7.0A made by Optimus?\r\n"..border2.."\r\n"

      user:SendData(BotName, disp)


my Question is as follows:
the last line       disp = disp.."   ?Hub Powerd By:         RoboCop v7.0A made by Optimus?\r\n"..border2.."\r\n

is it posible to change it in a way that it alway's shows the present robocop bot version????

plz someone help me out.

thanks in advance Johny ([fow]CCCL-NL)
Post by: nErBoS on 01 May, 2004, 23:32:25

Don?t believe that is possible because that have to be the script send the version and you don?t have acess to script code, so the only way is by hand.

Best regards, nErBoS