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Title: Unregging OP chat for normal users
Post by: [NL]ZeroX on 05 June, 2004, 21:24:36
hi all i'm busy with a script for unregging the OP chat for Normal users

everything works fine till a UserList Refresh of a normal user

i've got this:
Code: [Select]
if (strsub(data,1,12)=="$GetNickList") then
SendToOps(Bot, user.sName.." -> "
user:SendData(Bot, data)
user:SendData( "$Quit "..OPChat)
the both messages were send correctly to the ops and to the user who asking for a UserList refresh
but after refreshing the OPChat is still there with a Key :(

any idea's ?
Post by: nErBoS on 05 June, 2004, 23:41:14

Don't reg the OPChat and then send fake info and will appear as an normal user, don't forget to use frmHub:EnableFullData(1) to be able to get the refresh user list string.

Best regards, nErBoS
Post by: [NL]ZeroX on 06 June, 2004, 12:03:35
thnx for the tip :)

enable full data was one cuz i saw things like this in main:
so that means the script recognises the command

[11:48:42] [NL]AiR -> $GetNickList
[11:57:03] [NL]AiR -> $GetNickList
[11:59:40] [NL]ZeroX -> $GetNickList
[11:59:59] ToXiC -> $GetNickList
[12:00:01] ToXiC -> $GetNickList
[12:00:05] ToXiC -> $GetNickList

and this is the fake info i send to ops on connecting
Code: [Select]
user:SendData( "$Hello "..OPChat)
user:SendData( opchat_info_string)
user:SendData( "$OpList "..OPChat)