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Title: Thunder
Post by: F_O_X on 07 March, 2008, 22:09:25
Wanted to convert script Thunder
but the maximum that could make just at loading a script is not present errors.
Errors appear at attempt of performance of commands which check a profile of the user.

One of errors. Reaction to a command:  ! profile Mutor
[00:03] ????????? Thunder[1]_newapi.lua:316: attempt to call global 'GetItemByName' (a nil value)
Help to correct please
Title: Re: Thunder
Post by: ruler on 07 March, 2008, 22:50:07
hi F_O_X it's been quite a while since i released that script and to be honist i havent had any time to look at the new API :( but anyone else is more than welcome to convert it if they are up to the job or even rewrite it how they please.
there were other updated versions of that script made but never released and i no longer have them either.

maybe when i get time to look at the new API i may write another script that works in a similar way. there are lots of other good hub scripts already released in the finnished scripts section, i'd probably be looking at one of those at least for now.