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Title: Hub-Link
Post by: HaArD on 30 October, 2008, 06:54:36
I just thought I'd drop a note in here and say that I'm working on Hub-Link again after a short break. (You measure time your way and I'll do it my way :P )

I've dropped by a few times and seen a few posts looking for ways to link PtokaX hubs or for the often discussed and never completed support script for Hub-Link. I'll be around here once in a while and I've re-opened the Hub-Link forums. If you have interest in Hub-Link support for PtokaX please pop in and let me know. ( I'd also be very interested in any bugs/issues/suggestion you have with the Hub-Link program itself.

If there's enough interest I'll dust off the last version of the PtokaX script and try to get it finished and released with the next version of Hub-Link.....
Title: Re: Hub-Link
Post by: HaArD on 28 February, 2009, 13:08:40
I've started work on a PtokaX support script for the current version of Hub-Link. Using API2 has made the job dramatically simpler.

I already have Userlist, Search and Connections working 100%. In another few days I should have full support for all the Hub-Link commands.

Watch here of the Hub-LInk forum for further updates.