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FAQ section / Re: Hanging nicknames in the user list
« Last post by the-master on 25 February, 2018, 13:48:55 »
First of all.. Can't read sh*t of half your post.. ;)
Second, This is Ptokax forum.. not GitHub shit  :ppp:
PtokaX Development Versions / LEDE/OPENWRT
« Last post by dcbeelinekz on 25 February, 2018, 03:58:03 »

FAQ section / Hanging nicknames in the user list
« Last post by dcbeelinekz on 25 February, 2018, 03:47:49 »
Hanging nicknames in the user list  :huh:

How to add in PtokaX to the version, your function:
If the user reconnects with one nick and the IP is also the same, the previous copy is removed from the hub
Как добавить в PtokaX в версию, твою функцию:
Если юзер повторно подключается с одним ником и IP тоже одинаковый, то предыдущая копия удаляется из хаба

And disable InCommandHubReplacedItWithYourRealIP
Did I correctly do github /dcbeelinekz/ptokax_lede/commit/c0d3a6cb273fce292c72a110084ad28cf1b9ec85
Already now it does not jump out:
Your client sends the wrong IP .... in the command parameters, the server replaced it with your real IP ......!
И отключить InCommandHubReplacedItWithYourRealIP
Правильно ли я сделал (ссыль выше)
Уже теперь не выскакивает это:
Ваш клиент посылает неверный IP .... в параметрах команды, сервер заменил его на Ваш настоящий IP ...... !

The server has been in the router for 9 months, and for these problems with clients (which did not open ports) there is a problem with the nickname, slows down the chat. Put automatic restart once a day it saves, but the problem is not solved and I want to do so so that the hub worked correctly in such hosting as a router
Сервер находится в роутере уже 9 месяцев, и за этих проблем с клиентами (которые не открыли порты ) идет проблема с завинаем с никами, тормозит чат. Поставил автоперезагрузку раз в сутки тока это спасает, но преблема не решена и хочется уже сделать так чтоб хаб работал правильно в таких хостингах как роутер

кому интересно установка хаба в роутер вот готовый пакет и исходники под ЛЕДЕ или OPENWRT
anyone interested in installing the hub in the router is a ready-made package and the sources under Lede or OPENWRT
 :spike: github /dcbeelinekz/ptokax_lede

FAQ section / Re: Ptokax hub
« Last post by the-master on 04 September, 2017, 15:40:51 »
She's Blonde  :D
FAQ section / Re: Ptokax hub
« Last post by bastya_elvtars on 30 August, 2017, 17:06:25 »
Should run alright on Win10, if it does not, you can always try compatibility mode. By the way, why are you using such an old version?
FAQ section / Ptokax hub
« Last post by Annie on 27 August, 2017, 17:44:54 »
I am running Ptokax dc hub  and I have updated to windows 10 on a new computer.  Can this hub run on windows 10?.
FreshStuff3 / FreshStuff3 5.0.2 released with Lua 5.1 and 5.3 support
« Last post by bastya_elvtars on 24 June, 2017, 21:45:18 »
After a long wait, 5.0.2 is here:

Just extract over the previous install (if you have one), nothing will be overwritten. Compatible with PXLUA 5.1 as well as 5.3.
Version 5.5 is in the works, there are features being actively implemented.

Here is the changelog. More updates later, stay tuned!

added: LoadCfg() config loader function
   - checks for config files and if missing creates a default one
   - makes upgrading easier
   - every module can load its own config easier
   - you can now instal FreshStuff3 over your current install.
changed: Lua 5.3 compatibility (also compatible with 5.1)
   - removed deprecated functions or worked them around
   - reworked for new module system
   - Windows: changed for the "universal" LFS.dll (included)
changed: removed ***s form SendOut()s
added: directories 'lib' and 'data' with readmes
   (kinda forced as mercurial does not handle empty dirs,
   makes future upgrading/deployment easier)
Offtopic / Re: catching up
« Last post by bastya_elvtars on 24 June, 2017, 00:10:05 »
just got back to my code :)
Request for scripts / Bad Client Script
« Last post by Bostyan87 on 17 April, 2017, 23:15:20 »
Hello, I look on forum but didn`t find it... anyone know any script for PtokaX

I just need simple Kick script no right click menu etc. just simple small script that works on v0.4.1.2.

I foud this one... for now it works. I had to remove row 42 don`t know if is ok but no errors...

Syntax [string "-- Simply script to disallow old DC++ clients without TTH suppo..."]:42: '}' expected near '{'

Code: [Select]
{" {" {"","ReverseConnect","cccc"},

New row Code
Code: [Select]
News / PtokaX released...
« Last post by PPK on 11 April, 2017, 21:49:18 »
New PtokaX is here.

Win32 GUI with Lua 5.3.4 and SQLite
Win64 GUI with Lua 5.3.4 and SQLite
Win32 service/console with Lua 5.3.4 and SQLite
Win64 service/console with Lua 5.3.4 and SQLite

Win32 GUI with Lua 5.1.5 and SQLite
Win64 GUI with Lua 5.1.5 and SQLite
Win32 service/console with Lua 5.1.5 and SQLite
Win64 service/console with Lua 5.1.5 and SQLite

UniX source (various Linuxes, various BSDs, Solaris, illumos, Haiku, Mac OS X)

Quote from: Changelog...
Added: Reconnect to database on connection failure or connection lost.
Fixed: Compile for Windows 10 IoT.
Fixed: Typo in server manager and resource leak in sqlite on exit (thx Pavel Pimenov for report).
Fixed: Incorrect long length message when incomplete search command was received (thx Alexey for report).
Fixed: Search request was sent to users without share (thx Pavel Pimenov for report).
Fixed: Missing $ValidateDenide when user use nick that is in reserved nicks (thx Alexey for report).
Fixed: Extra pipe in !checknickban result (thx Alexey for report).
Fixed: IP and Port check in DC commands. (thx Mank and Rolex for report).
Fixed: Missing IP check for validity in some hub commands.
Fixed: Empty password received from user was not checked properly and accepted as new password for reg.
Fixed: Bandwidth waste, when IPv6 user send search request with IPv4 address.
Fixed: Possible crash on hublist registration (thx Pavel Pimenov for report).
Fixed: Bind to single IP caused bind to all addresses when IPv6 address was empty.
Fixed: Typo in scripting interface. MaxSlotsLimt -> MaxSlotsLimit (thx C??oßy†? for report).
Changed: Log script errors is enabled by default for PtokaX versions without GUI.
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