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Hi all,

I?m having a problem.

I put some commands on the settings fo my DC when i use them e get disconnected from the hub !!

Can anyone help me ???

Best regards, nErBoS

Wich client are u using??Have u tried any other clients??
Wich hubsoft are u using?? ?(

uhm nerbos i've done the same myself! i've putted many of the CB commands on dc++0.263 and i don't get that error... if i can get ya in some hub(portuguese of course) i would talk to ya and try to help!

Yup I got that sometimes.. Especiall commands like:
!slots , !restart etc.. with CB scripts..

It just disconnect ppl off...


I dont know why and what it is :( but if i use chilla's LOGGER i did that to me to. Now ive put this in front of the command --> this:

+loginfo %[line:Nick/IP]

maybe...its a loong shoot i know, just thought i wanted to tell ya.

Z ya


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