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!banip on testdrive 4.99 causes "Acces violation at address 00557161 in module 'PtokaX'. Write of address 00000023."

write addres changes but the bad thing, ptokax crashes fully if you get enough of them (about 100+)


as Ptaczek said before :
dont use non-public versions of PtokaX

that should solve your problem..  :]

lol found it and couldn't resist trying it.
and it matches my hub, thats not public 2   lol

gotta say it looks promising, can't hardly wait for td5 2 be released.


hmm, I have got the same error when I am closing PX down.

And I use last PUBLIC version, so the bug persists...

Anyway that versions is not official, and Ptackex is working in a new core again after some backup missed, so probably many things change.


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