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Finished scripts section - split it or not?

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Well, as you might have seen, I have added subforums (mostly redirecting ones) for AIO bots. But I have a dilemma: should we categorize scripts like on the resources site? I would like to let YOU decide, as this is a (very nice) community.
Please vote and/or share your opinions below!
P. S.: you have 14 days to vote.

my vote is no  ... 

reason being..... 

if trying to find a script or just looking,  it is far easier to look down one list than have to search through many different sections.

users find it difficult enough to find scripts for them selves and find it even more difficult to find the search button  ..

  so  i think its best left as it is ...


My vote is:  No ^^

Well, Hawk, it is not for hardening the job.  ;D

If it's possible, we should both have categorized view and straight view; but if not, categorized view is better IMO.


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