Pattern problem


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Pattern problem

Started by Leun, 27 January, 2008, 21:58:49

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What is the right pattern match for the code below?

for arg,value in string.gmatch(sLine,"(%b[])=(%b"")") do

Get this error:
[21:36] Syntax vliegen/bancatch.lua:209: ')' expected near '")"

I try to find all data between the " and "

["Message"]= "Warn who []double_trouble(155.06 Gb), minshare 100 Gb for movies\\Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005)\\s"



Thnx Mutor !!
I'll give it a try :P



Thnx a lot Mutor!!

I get it work now:
I changed the function a little bit..
But the pattern is working :P
for arg,value in string.gmatch(sLine,"(%b[])=(%b\"\")") do



lol no its fine so.

My question wasn't clear I think, but your advise helped me out :D


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