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Modify Please this Trivia script !
« on: 04 February, 2008, 01:51:19 »
Please give me a few minutes from your valuable time and read the following:

Hi !!
I've found this romanian trivia script on this forum and it seems pretty cool to me !
But it doesn't work properly and it doesn't have to much options ! That is because is very old !

I'd be very thankful if you guys could optimize this script !

What I want this script to do is :
  --can be played team mode and "solo mode "
   Ex. : One week per month the trivia will be played in "solo" mode and  3 weeks will be         played in team mode !!!
   Each team should have a captain which will pick his own players ! The hub owner will pick the team captains !!
    When i say solo mode i mean no team playing is allowed !
    When team mode is enabled , the script should automatically join users in a default team ( team) but they should be able after that to join in other teams !
     !solomode          -enable solo mode
     !teamemode       -enable team mode
     !teams <nr>       -set nr. of teams
     !team1 <name>  -set team 1 name
     !team2 <name>  -set team 2 name
     !teamleader <name> <nick> -set leader of <name> team
        -here team leader should have some available commands : !add <nick> - add <nick> in his team
                                                                                       !takeout <nick> -take out user from team
     I want solo mode to be played once on week because i want the first 5 players at the end of that week to be the team captains for the rest of the month !
     The leader of the winning team at the end of the month will get a operator account :D !
     !skip - skip current question , only for ops available !
     !hint - give users a hint
Trivia settings (The setting can also be made by editing the script not necessary using following commands) :
 !ihint  < nr. >    - hints interval in seconds
 !nhint <nr.>  -hints number
 !qtime <nr.>  - interval (in seconds) between questions

 This is the basic idea for a cool trivia script :
  I now now you guys can do this but i also now this requires a lot of time !
  If you think its worth please make this possible !
  Thank you for reading this !
  I'm waiting for your opinions and suggestions !!
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Modify Please this Trivia script !
« on: 04 February, 2008, 01:51:19 »