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Hi, i have changed a couple of things,  after lev4.1. there was lev5.1 with the added KEY, to give a profile an key without to be an operator.
Well i had time enough, so i work it out. Result Leviathan6.0

added >extra message banner (feel free to edit it in txt directory)
added > howtoreg (feel free to edit it in txt directory)
added >Clean Warn log
added >Clean Kick log
fixed rclanguage (feel free to add some lines in CommandHelpLines.tbl)
there will be some bugs, but there are scripters enough who can solve that out
I have done my best on it

have fun

regards HenkDc

The Lev6.1 version with the Ptokax version i'm running here . get it on >
Problem is solved!!! because i have removed all the extra profiles like owner, netfounder and moderator, because to much work to find it all out.
But the rclanguage and otherextras works perfect
sorry for that folks, but for myself i'm buzy with it on the background.

Now, I think that the extra profiles are working now and the anti-ad part is fixed. try it out on your own risk.  ( Old libs )

Friendly regards HenkDc

wel i have tryed the lev6.0 but it does not work properly the classes in the cfg file dont seem to change from 4 classes to 7 wy? so wen i log in i get master rightclicks have bin send to your client while i am regged as a Owner in the hubsoft


I think, because the hubsoft (Ptokax) don't control that no more Lev6.0 takes it over
maybe you must give the soft a command like !Setowner yournick  ??
or reg yourself with lev as owner multiple owners are possible

regards HenkDc


other thing is :

add and organise the profiles owner, moderator and netfounder to Ptokax profile manager like this

Owner             profile = 0
Netfounder      profile = 1
Master             profile = 2
Moderator        profile = 3
Operator          profile = 4
Vip                    profile = 5
Reg                   profile = 6

else it wont work

regards HenkDc

yes all that i have done still doesnt seem to work mand might be handy to also send/add with the libbs you have used for it and also the dll files the ones i use for this script come from 4.1Final and 5.1 and with those i only get error report on dll file and the libbs/core not found maybe that might solve it to just post it completely.... tx in advance



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