ptokax and evilbot2


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ptokax and evilbot2

Started by gazzer, 31 December, 2003, 17:01:26

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hi folks, i'm after a version of ptokax hub that actually works with evilbot2 please.........
for those that dont know, eb2 is  basically a triggerbot that was designed by evil network i think and worked in conjunction with nmdc scripts to report all.
i did however  meet a guy on dc that had it running on an earlier vers of ptokax, but cant recall what one or find him again.
i can send this to someone to test out if required complete with triggers folder.
thanks in advance gazzer      

-=U=K=?=E=T=-???? the friendly network from good old blighty.


care to print up the script here and we can take a look and
see what version could work..


hi here is the config file for it but main bot is an .exe so cant put here just mail if ya need it.

Op Password=bad_mother
Bot Password=dethbot
Description=mind ya own damm business
Kick=hun minimum is 4gb in the jukebox hub
-=U=K=?=E=T=-???? the friendly network from good old blighty.


those are the old config settings from my nmdc hub so dont apply now, for all those gonna tell me ive just put  secret info in here  hahahha
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That is useless to me....

Mail me... on


ok ive just mailed it as a zipper, thanks for trouble of looking its much appreciated.......
to see it in action in a uknet hub goto

it is setup as GAZZMAN and has all triggers pre set on it.

any of those will make it work.


ps i'm gonna be afk for next hour or so.
-=U=K=?=E=T=-???? the friendly network from good old blighty.


do you have the VB version of that script. Only thing you need todo is write that vb script in lua. Since they are lookalikes it whouldn't be hard todo.



it isnt the script thats the prob, its the hub s,ware itself that wont seem to allow the bot to connect with scripting on or off
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pur, it runs on any vb scripting out np, its only the later versions of ptokax hub  that it wont connect to and i cant suss out why :(
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Can't somebody write a program like ArchosBot


hi ice,
does archosbot run on ptokax hub s,ware then?
as i tried that and that wouldnt take either :(

at the end of the day its mainly a trigger bot, but it also logs all main and pm chat to .txt files
so any probs with users can be traced back to ip addy's and also when and who with lol
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hi folks just 1 hr to go here in uk land..............
so if i miss you all HAPPY NEW YEAR

from gazzer and all the ops in the jukebox  :))
-=U=K=?=E=T=-???? the friendly network from good old blighty.


hmm is this bot also named Dev(i)ous by any chance?

personally if you are looking to use an external bot, Ragnarok seems to be a good one, many functions few bugs but nothink big, and i also have a new project going for an external bot, named Black Pearl, so if you hang around i will try get something going, or someone might have a link to Ragnarok, give it a shot i think you'll like it ;)

Resistance is futile!


not as far as i recall, it went through evilbot1 then 2.
it is external bot but it basically connects as an op and i have also seen hacked versions with share, not just fake but real share hehehehhe

but getting back to serious stuff, does this ragnarok connect ok to ptokax. i'm not intrested in the snooping side what the evilbot was originally made for. all i want is the triggers side.
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