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Help :)
« on: 28 February, 2012, 14:06:21 »
Hello to all my old friends here.

Its been a long time i have been here and yet again i come here with something i think cannot be resolved but thought it might get resolved.

Let's start with setup what i am having.

The HUB i host is on local network.(Many people hate it here i guess )

We have some Cisco router with "X" number of ports.
Every "X" port is connected to a normal switch with some 10 users connected to each switch.

My Switch has been connected to one of this "X(GOD)" port and i have complete access to all the file list over any user connected on any "X" port and so do the users have a complete access to my file list from this "X" port.

But these ports are internally blocked in such a way that "X1" cannot get connected to "X2" but both can connect to "X(GOD)" that is me.

Well this what closed by Hub and i had to rely on intranet site hosted for all these users to upload the data on my system and then download again which is a work around that i have now setup.

But my love for ptokax is not ready to die and i wish if someone can help me figure out to make these people connect to each other in the client itself while i am hosting the server.

I hope someone may understand this issue and if needed i am ready to use shake spear translator and give my best to get through with the explanation :)

**P.S  Hey Mutor,P.C hope you still around and help me in figuring this out :)

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Help :)
« on: 28 February, 2012, 14:06:21 »