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Redirect trouble
« on: 07 January, 2004, 21:57:57 »
My atempt to set up a chain of hubs failed due to some troubles with redirecting users. I've tested with several client's and it seemes to be related to DC++0.300 and above (and all mod'ed client based on DC++0.300 and above)
Older version's are redirected ok, but these new one get *connection reset by server*

My setup on a amd xp1700 / winXP comp is:
PtokaX DC Hub build 15.25 [debug]
Artificial insanety bot version v0.9fT.b

The next hub in the chain does not seeme to have the same problem:
PtokaX DC Hub TestDrive 4
Artificial insanety bot version v0.9fS.d

Can this be CPU related? I do run a software firewall on same comp that use 30% CPU. Will a faster server or move the firewall to a dedicated computer sort this?
Does any of U find it hard to redirect DC++ 0.300 and later clients?
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Redirect trouble
« on: 07 January, 2004, 21:57:57 »