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- RoboCop v4.0 - Testdrive 3 or Higher!

Started by Optimus, 12 October, 2003, 23:07:26

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Hey about [The oldest version allowed is 0.261] that needs some further testing and people with the same problem that's all hihi (I have to wait about more complains to get a better situation)

Further i wrote down this also in my Request list??
A question: is there a solution to set, the passive/active mode to on/off ?...because i would like to allow or forbid passive mode!

So i will put that in to RC when i get the time... Cause lately me working on lot's off projects at the same time.

(All about RC offcourse) so be patience and i will get there in some time.

bye all & have a good time in the meane while ;)


Agrrr.... why didn't they told me the forum moved :(

Dam it what did i missed  X(


the forum didn't closed! amutex have to go to take care of his personal life! and then it was down for a while! but now optimus is running this! if ya were awaken ya would see it like me :)


Btw, it's Opium who is running the board, me is running the Script Archive    - Script Archive hosted by Optimus -


Some use told me this

[11:32:27] ? User Name: sharon
[11:32:27] ? User Profile: Master
[11:32:27] ? User IP: XXXXXXXXXXX
[11:32:27] ? User $Info: $MyINFO $ALL sharon Supergroover.cjb.net$ $DSL$$0$
[11:32:27] ? User iVersion: 1.0091
[11:32:27] ? User Kicks: No kicks
[11:32:27] ? User Warns: No warnings
[11:32:27] ? User Share: 0.00 GB

[08:55:36] [09:14] ? Client: DC++ v0.251
- [09:14] ? Mode: pasive
- [09:14] ? 10 - Slot(s)
- [09:14] ? 5 - Hub(s) as Regular user
- [09:14] ? 0 - Hub(s) as Registered user
- [09:14] ? 0 - Hub(s) as Operator
[08:55:48] ik heb maar 1 slot open, ben active en ben in 1 hub
but he is only in one hub and is not passive but active

i think the !ibfo does strange thinks ?

Greets AC :)


Hi Always

If there is a bug it will be solved in the next release, that will mean that i have allready made a totaly new !info command some days ago.

It looks like this::

   ? User Name: God
   ? User Profil: User
   ? User IP: xx.xx.xx.xx
   ? Client: DC++
   ? User iVersion: 1.0091
   ? Descr: <++ V:0.251,M:P,H:28/0/0,S:1>
   ? Mode: Passief
   ? Conn: DSL
   ? E-Mail: Ptokaxruless.com
   ? Tag Status: Ok
   ? Kicked: No kicks
   ? Warned: No warnings
   ? Away Mess: None
   ? Share: 32.66 GB

   ? Hub(s) as Regular user: 28
   ? Hub(s) as Registerd user: 0
   ? Hub(s) as Operator: 0
   ? Open Slots: 1

   ? Upload limit: None

btw, that tag looks abit crappy, cause iVersion = 1.0091 that's not a normal dc++ client and it's a tag hidder cause there is no DCversion (V:xx.xx), slot's/hubs in his Tag. So it's strange anyway that it gives the info about the user. ok lol

Let's see what happens in the new release...

Thx Alway's

Bye all, Greetingz me Optimus ;)



Who is using the Release Bot, otherwise a will maybe scrap it??

??  ;)


Is there a way u can remove the !talk command or make so owner only can switch it on or off ?
Here amid icebergs Rule I the nations This is my hammer, Mi?lner the mighty
Giants and sorcerers Cannot withstand it!


yes that can be a option offcourse... with a bit off luck it's there next release.

But? maybe a better way is to make it for Master only.


no please, i have most masters so that wouldent be good, its never fun to be degraded.
Here amid icebergs Rule I the nations This is my hammer, Mi?lner the mighty
Giants and sorcerers Cannot withstand it!



It's a really great Bot, a piece of art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know if it is the right place to post a suggestion...
it would be nice if the gag command works even with ip besides nick



hi D: i need some more info about what you mean (!gag) Please Explaine or give me a example!!!

Don't really get it at this moment.

haha :]


I think what he means is so !gag Optimus instead of just this for example

!gag 81.87.**.**


Resistance is futile!



So when can we get the hands on V5.0?


After a official release off Ptokax v0.330 Hubsoftware...


I saw that users get kicked for posting webpages maybe u could change that so the owners can set it on or off, some hubs allow posting webbpages.

Just a thought :)
Here amid icebergs Rule I the nations This is my hammer, Mi?lner the mighty
Giants and sorcerers Cannot withstand it!


a bug ?

running Robocop 4.0a on PtokaX 15.11

when using a scriptet command the hub soft freeze and has to be forced to shutdown... the command is !showiplog ....

*also written in !beta testing thread*



well m8 that's not a script problem...

BUT if your IP log get's to big and you use !showiplog

You are flooding your self,  specialy with the beta testers.

So please think before you post, okkk


yes. i know that i am flooding my self.. but if someone else write it.. a op that dont run a hub or anything.. i still does it ..


mmm, I just love this bot, never had such a nice thing before.

Peolpe have to respect you and all the work you are doing on it. Complaining is not the way to show you how much peolpe LOVE your bot.

So i say you did a F*cking good job, i love to see more and more off your work,, keep it up...




Great job with Robocop, but no sign of the clone feature you said you would add? (By Clone feature, will bring to my attention peeps in on same IP, then check to see if punks are in with 2 clients)!

But good work, great script!



Hi Spudman, as there were more people asking for it. i decided to make 1 and put it in robocop v5.0

So have a party m8, cause your request is heard now. lol

bye all, till good times... ;)


Btw, I Added lots off stuff lately, almost every Request is being done at the moment...

Maybe 1 or 0.5 are not done this release... hehe

It will be a nice suprise when it comes out guy's, GUI Interface is totaly 200% rewritten, restyled, etc (looks asome)

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