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- RoboCop v4.0 - Testdrive 3 or Higher!

Started by Optimus, 12 October, 2003, 23:07:26

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hmmm, then let it out Optimus .. ;o) ...
you know it will be appreciated !
just cant wait..



QuoteOriginally posted by Spudman

Great job with Robocop, but no sign of the clone feature you said you would add? (By Clone feature, will bring to my attention peeps in on same IP, then check to see if punks are in with 2 clients)!

But good work, great script!


i got a side script that does that and alerts all op's on the hub... if u like i can send u Opti :p


Thx mOrrI, for all the time you have been supporting us. You are a good believer. Thx  :]


now that's fun... eheheh
just trying to learn something in the way... ;)



When is the new version gonna be ready, weeks or months? Im hangin.... lol

Thanks fo addin that request!



well guy's it optimized for the new Ptokax 0.330

So it comes out after a official release off Ptokax v0.330 Hubsoftware...

I know waiting is hard but i can't help it... things are just not going any faster haha

BTW: 95% off all Commands are now to PM also...

kk, l8trz Optimus


where is that ptaczek :p

make him work on v0330



Optimus, why not 100% of the commands???


and thanx for the main/pm command thing !! .. love to see it in action..



me too.. i'm waiting for the next release right now and then we will see how it works...



Just been reading up, thats great news.

Is it possible having it working in OP-Chat in a mode
that makes it possible for all OP's to see what the others do? when we used the nmdc generalbot we all worked in OP-Chat. Then we could coOPerate and examine user info's etc, that was a very good thing :)

Well anyway, its gonna be a awesome script :D



QuoteBTW: 95% off all Commands are now to PM also...

kk, l8trz Optimus

 :D  Awesome work you been doing P, been using your bot since i been using PtokaX. Glad to see you adding pm to the bot use also, can't wait to see it in action with Ptazek's new hub s/w too. Cheers  8)  :)  :]


Hi all!!
As all are saying ?Awesome work you been doing P.?
I was away for a while but now I back on hub serving, before id use CHBot.script but that?s long time ago,still respect to CHBot whriters..
Now RoboCop puts smile on my face..I just love it M8 no errors @ all no mess around no sh...lol..
Working perfectly for the time been,knock on wood hehe,..

So keep upp the good work & all the CreDs for U  ur M8`ts..


Heya peeps  im missing something somwhere. but for the life of me i cant find it.. :(
some of the commands arnt working.
when i try !userinfo i get the message:-
*** UserStatistics are not running.

can any one help



Try to turn on User Statistics in HubSoft....

Then It would work....


sorry to be so dumb  but still cant find it :(

running TD 4 0.00 b


Click the advanced option tab on px and then make sure the hub is not serving otherwise it will be ghosted then clikc user statistic on the middle column top


Resistance is futile!


DOH !!

Thx m8 :)   Workin fine now :)

too many years with nmdc  still finding my way round  ptokax.

been running for 3 days now...


Hey guy's thx  :D

i'm working my ass off lately since i'm waiting for ptokax to release his new hubsoftware i'm doing some more tricks for next release. a well maybe not this release but then it will be release after that hehe

So when a new RC comes out, you will all know that there is done/worked ass much ass possible.

Also thx to Skrollster who gave me some Good code that i maybe will use in the Future... So thx for sharing it with me Skrollster... Wish ya the best with your Glorie Security Script  ;)

Well i leave it like this for now, l8trs Optimus


Opti... please read your PM's :p


Hi Opti,

2 things i wanna ask.

1. In last version Anti-Advertise only kicked peeps who advertised Hubs, but now I am getting peeps kicked for posting a web address, never used to have this problem.

2. When a user gets kicked for advertising, the message gets posted in main? So all can see it? Can this be changed, or is it just OPs that see it?

Thanks mate



1. What does it look like??

2. SendToOps(sBot, "Kicked: <"..user.sName.."> - because of advertising: "..data )

Means Message is send only to Ops


Hi again

[20:06:28] <-=Mini-Spud=-> Kicked: <[********> - because of advertising: <********> http://dreamland.gotdns.org/PublicHubList.config.bz2

Dont think that is right??

Also two more questions.

How do I turn on the welcome message? It used to have a tick box, but now its gone?

And, this may sound dumb, but what is "Hub Tag"? Is it what users put at front of nick?

Thanks again



well This is for

1. I have made a on/off swith for the //Http:// blocker
2. Normal users will not see the Advertise kick message (Only OPs)
3. Your right the hubtag is what users put in front off there nick
4. hehe Changed Hubtag, it's now called Register Tag


Thanks for that!

How do I turn on the welcome message, the tick box is gone? =P

What does the Register Tag do within the script?

Sorry if im being a pain hehe


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