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29 December 2022 - PtokaX (20th anniversary edition) released...
11 April 2017 - PtokaX released...
8 April 2015 Anti child and anti pedo pr0n scripts are not allowed anymore on this board!
28 September 2015 - PtokaX for Windows 10 IoT released...
3 September 2015 - PtokaX released...
16 August 2015 - PtokaX released...
1 August 2015 - Crowdfunding for ADC protocol support in PtokaX ended. Clearly nobody want ADC support...
30 June 2015 - PtokaX released...
30 April 2015 Crowdfunding for ADC protocol support in PtokaX
26 April 2015 New support hub!
20 February 2015 - PtokaX released...
13 April 2014 - PtokaX released...
23 March 2014 - PtokaX testing version build 454 is available.
04 March 2014 - sites were temporary down because of DDOS attacks and issues with hosting service provider.

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Finished Scripts / Re: PostMan 0.9 beta2
Last post by PPK - 16 January, 2017, 17:52:35
Quote from: Sir_BadEnglish on 16 January, 2017, 11:07:13
...lua5.2.3_Chathub\scripts\postman\base64.lua:71: attempt to call a nil value (global 'module')
If i remember correctly "module" was in lua 5.1 and was removed to 5.2. You can't run this on PtokaX with lua 5.2.3  :rolleyes:
Finished Scripts / Re: PostMan 0.9 beta2
Last post by Sir_BadEnglish - 16 January, 2017, 11:07:13
i get the following error:
...lua5.2.3_Chathub\scripts\postman\base64.lua:71: attempt to call a nil value (global 'module')

this is the part of the file "base64.lua". Z71 is the line before the last "end":
-- command line if not called as library
if (arg ~= nil) then
   local func = 'enc'
   for n,v in ipairs(arg) do
      if (n > 0) then
         if (v == "-h") then print "base64.lua [-e] [-d] text/data" break
         elseif (v == "-e") then func = 'enc'
         elseif (v == "-d") then func = 'dec'
         else print(_G[func](v)) end

What can i do?
Offtopic / Re: catching up
Last post by piglja - 10 January, 2017, 11:09:19
Nope, nobody's around...
Offtopic / Re: A poll for Piglja
Last post by piglja - 10 January, 2017, 11:08:44
Tadaaa - was cruising my nick and found this forum - just here to say a short hi ;)
Support / Re: How do i start my own hub?...
Last post by TiMeTrAVelleR - 01 January, 2017, 18:35:34
Did you check if you opend the right ports  in youre router.
Support / Re: How do i start my own hub?...
Last post by the-master - 01 January, 2017, 15:22:08
Hub can't say connection timeout, your client does.
Do not mess with settings unless you're sure its wrong.
Try connecting to your hub with addy "localhost" in clients settings, if its running you should be able to get in.
Test your domain if it's setup the way it should by opening a cmd-line and use command "ping your-domain-name".
It should resolve and ping to your IP
If you still can't get in though your-domain-name, check settings on it's website.
Like I told you before, you're not having issues with ptokax, but with your network etc.
Support / Re: How do i start my own hub?...
Last post by RDBN23 - 31 December, 2016, 05:33:58

i am trying but hub says connection timed out. i cannot do this on my own. I need help. I already have the client running but now what? what do i type in the settings? i want the hub to be public as well.
Support / Re: How do i start my own hub?...
Last post by the-master - 30 December, 2016, 09:04:47
There's no IP needed in settings on PtokaX, you better use your own domain and set your domain to your IP.
You don't have a problem with PtokaX, but with other stuff.
Some hublists are auto pinging by Pto's settings, others need you to register and add your hubs addy manualy.
Some help:
Support / How do i start my own hub? I h...
Last post by RDBN23 - 28 December, 2016, 01:09:42

I have a hard time on how to set up the GUI version. So, i have a windows 7 64 bit machine i can run 24/7. On top of that, i have my own webhosting and domain if that helps.

Anyways, there is no official guide for the GUI version for windows.

The most confusing thing is what IP address to type in for the hub IP. I want my hub to be open and public so that anybody can join in. I want  it to appear in the hublists as well. also, i want the connection to be MY OWN DOMAIN .com if it is possible.

So what are the steps and how can i do this for free if that is possible.
Request for scripts / Re: Hub Share Graph Script Lua...
Last post by TiMeTrAVelleR - 24 December, 2016, 21:30:00

   Share'Tool' 2.1 LUA 5.1x [Strict] [API 2]

   By Mutor      05/15/06

   More nonsense...
   Graphs user share at login.
   See how you hub 'measures' up
   Feel free to change the graph
   charachters I won't mind :P

   +Changes from 1.0   11/01/06
      +Added total ,average and percent of hubshare stats [DoStats]
      ~Changed ShareTab a bit.
      +Added parting share message [percent of hubshare lost]

   +Changes from 1.c   08/16/08
      ~Converted to API 2 strict.

   +Changes from 2.0   08/16/08
      ~Rebuilt code using my FmtSz function
      ~A few optimizations

-- Set share levels and responses here
ShareTab = {
[1] = {500,"Careful usr you'll poke your eye out with that thing!\r\n"},
[2] = {250,"Is that your share in your pocket or are you just happy to be here usr?\r\n"},
[3] = {125,"Wow usr, thats impressive.\r\n"},
[3] = {75,"Hey Now!, usr's sporting some wood!\r\n"},
[4] = {35,"Not bad, but you won't win any prizes with that.\r\n"},
[5] = {20,"Average huh. It's nothing to be ashamed of usr    ...*snicker*\r\n"},
[6] = {10,"Hey usr , does that come in adult size?\r\n"},
[7] = {5,"Awwwww usr, isn't that cute?\r\n"},

OnStartup = function()
   for i,v in ipairs(ShareTab) do v[1] = v[1] * (1024^3) end
   local hs,hu = DoStats()
   if hs > 0 and hu > 0 then
      local hm = FmtSz(hs/hu)
      local stats = "Share'Tool' 1.0b has started. There are "
      " users are sharing "..FmtSz(hs).." of data. Mean share per user: "
      Core.SendToAll("<ShareTool> "..stats.."|")

UserConnected = function(user)
   local hs,hu,us = DoStats(user)
   if hs > 0 and hu and us > 0 then
      local hm,pct = FmtSz(hs/hu),string.format("%.2f %% ",(us/hs) * 100)
      local stats = "Welcome "..user.sNick.." there are "" user(s) are sharing "..
      FmtSz(hs).." of data. Thats an average of "" per user."
      local i,prof = user.iProfile,"Unregistered User"
      if i ~= -1 then prof = ProfMan.GetProfile(i).sProfileName end
      local reply = "Boasting "..pct.." of the total hubshare, lets see how the "..
      prof.." "..user.sNick.."'s share measures up... \r\n"
      local sharesize = Core.GetUserValue(user,16) or 0
      local output = "\r\n"..FmtSz(sharesize).." 8=D\r\n\r\n Hey Shorty...   8-)\r\n\r\n"
      for a,b in ipairs(ShareTab) do
         if sharesize > b[1] then
            local goof,r = string.gsub(b[2],"usr",user.sNick),"="
            output = "\r\n"..FmtSz(sharesize).." 8"..r:rep(sharesize/8).."D\r\n\r\n "..goof.."\r\n"
      Core.SendToAll("<ShareTool> "..reply..output.."|")
      Core.SendToUser(user,"<ShareTool> "..stats.."|")
      Core.SendToUser(user,"<ShareTool> "..reply..output.."|")
RegConnected,OpConnected = UserConnected,UserConnected

UserDisconnected = function(user)
   local msg = "See ya "..user.sNick..", there is no loss to  hubshare when you leave."
   local hs,us = Core.GetCurrentSharedSize() or 0,Core.GetUserValue(user,16) or 0
   if hs > 0 and us > 0 then
      local pct = string.format("%.2f %% ",(us/hs) * 100)
      msg = "Goodbye "..user.sNick..", uh oh, there goes "..pct.." of the hub's share."
   Core.SendToAll("<ShareTool> "..msg.."|")
RegDisconnected,OpDisconnected = UserDisconnected,UserDisconnected

DoStats = function(user)
   local hs,hu = Core.GetCurrentSharedSize(),#Core.GetOnlineUsers()
   if user then
      local us = Core.GetUserValue(user,16) or 0
      hs,hu = us+hs, hu+1
      return hs,hu,us
   return hs,hu

FmtSz = function(int)
   local i,u,x=tonumber(int) or 0,{"","K","M","G","T","P"},1
   while i > 1024 do i,x = i/1024,x+1 end return string.format("%.2f %sB.",i,u
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