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Started by NightLitch, 18 June, 2004, 11:08:02

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Hello NightLitch..... when you things exit Thor 4??? I want it for use in my hub. I have now NXS 3.9a but is hard [ 1650 users ].... I wait Thor 4 and..... use it :p

Thanks a lot


Hey guys, sorry for the silence....

I have created Thor 3 [Lua4] and Thor 4 [Lua5], T4 is quite good but I Am not satisfied.
So I have started over AGAIN LoooooooooL.
And the bad part is I have started to hate Thor as a name :P
my current bot:
This hub is running Golbez 0.9 [Lua4] [A.k.a THor5] for 0.326 TD4 and 0.330 Beta build by NightLitch  6/1-2005

This bot will be released as soon possible.

Another bad thing is I have become so fixated in optimizing so I forget to release my works.

But in short:

SKy-Bot 0.3-0.4 ---> First atempt to learn Lua and change things ( My Lua Life Started Here ) :D
NXS-3 Series ---> My first multiscript built
Thor 1 ---> Needed to create something personal
Thor 2 ---> My first real atempt to do a good Bot
Thor 3 ---> Memory eater
Thor 4 ---> At first bad userinfo database, changed and it works great But [Lua5]
Golbez / Thor 5 ---> Total rewrite starting in [Lua4] have about 2000-3000 lines left before bot is ready for release.

My Lua Life Story LoooooooooL :P


OK NightLitch you're the best and I'm your best fan LoL... I wait Thor ^__^ thanks for all byes and good work.....

NightLitch 4ever for ALL


nice to here ther is soon to be a new hub script
to sink me teeth in to
cant wait and nice to see this thred being used again
# long live thor
time to feed


how can we put the commands in right click form? and also some commands for users, regs, vips, in right click command.

I appriciate it...



for now m8 think ude be best to chiilll  till new thor is out

hope its soon

but i here its going to rock this world

time to feed


...desperately waiting... :)

Thor 6 is the only script missing, then my hub will be back to normal :)
hope we don't have to wait too long... :)

thanks go out to all scripters that put time and effort in their projects to provide us people with rocking scripts!


so how does it look like nightlitch with thor for lua5


/me want's update. NightLitch?? :)


All the links are ded, from where can i downlaod the thor 2.0 version??


Note that this is a LUA4 script... which isn't compatible with the newer PtokaX versions.

(? ?.??.-> Admin @ Surfnet hubs <-.??.???)


Sorry, my fault ..   i want lua5.1.2 .please

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