Elite hackers are back :(


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Elite hackers are back :(

Started by the-master, 04 October, 2006, 21:08:44

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the past 2 days our ptokax hubs are kind off hacked bij members of elite ;(
therefor i past a lua inhere to protect the hubs bij setting up ip-checks for operator and higher

-- OpSecurity 0.1 Lua5
-- Small Op Account Protection script
-- by ']['yphoon?
-- thx to Mutor for helping me when being blind/stupid
-- write dynip to disable the check on the user

tSetup.Bot = "botname"
tSetup.Email = "secured@net.nl"
tSetup.OpSecurity = {
	[""] = "",
	["opnick"] = "",

function OpConnected(user)
	if tSetup.OpSecurity[user.sName] then
		local Name = user.sName
		if ((tSetup.OpSecurity[Name] == user.sIP) or (tSetup.OpSecurity[Name] == "dynip")) then
			user:SendPM(tSetup.Bot,"You have passed the IP-Check !")
			local msg = ""
			msg = msg.."\r\n\t\tYou Have Been Banned For Using A Op Account That Don't Belong To You"
			msg = msg.."\r\n\t\tIf YOU really are an Operator at this hub,and just got a new Ip"
			msg = msg.."\r\n\t\tThen Mail to this address "..tSetup.Email

Please use CODe tags next time or the buttion!
keep on sharing :)


Don't i know it?!!!?

All of the hubs that i am op/master in suffered last night (Friday 6 October 2006) when my nick was hacked by a member of ?? H??k-?l???- ??, they redirected every single user (300+) to one of their hubs.

This is totally unacceptable in my eyes and something needs done about the likes of ?? H??k-?l???- ?? and Team Elite hackers.

So people are we gonna sit back and take it or do something about it?

In fact i have no idea what can be done, so any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

I have for a start reported the hub in question to hublist.org as this particular hub does actually have an 'ID' on there.

Who will join with me to finally rid DC++ of these arse'oles?

Posted on: 07 October 2006, 22:07:35
Sorry about that guys and gals i forgot to ask about this little script lol

where it says

   ["opnick"] = "",

in the script, should i enter my staff's nick and ip?

gawd you must think i'm so thick for asking this as it looks so obvious, just thought i'd ask as i'm no good when it comes to scripting.

Thanks in advance.


Yes m8   ops nick and ip there


I advice you all to use v2.01 of that script because you can add dns hosts (not only IPs) and use many more additional features.
Do you need an advanced user handling script? Download UserBekcisi today (Latest Edit)
Features: User + ISP + GeoIP database, user info + share checking and many more...

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