OpSecurity v0.1 & v2.01


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OpSecurity v0.1 & v2.01

Started by GeceBekcisi, 26 February, 2006, 21:38:31

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OpSecurity v0.1, small but very effective protection script for operator accounts.
OpSecurity v2.01, advanced version of Typhoon?'s script. Heaviliy modified.

::: Changelog since OpSecurity 0.1 :::

Added : Checking of dynamic dns hosts, you just need to place pxwsa.dll under libs directory
Added : Commands to add, delete or show stored entries and profile level check for commands
Added : Original credits by Typhoon? (sorry to post script without them, didn't notice they were absent)
Removed : Writing dynip to disable the check on the user since its quite useless
Changed : Nearly rewrote the whole script structure to add more flexibility
Changed : Ban type to tempban, sometimes it takes some time for hosts to be updated and we won't want to fully ban an op accidentally
Do you need an advanced user handling script? Download UserBekcisi today (Latest Edit)
Features: User + ISP + GeoIP database, user info + share checking and many more...



i advise to use the op security script cause several husb were hacked and the users were re-directed.
mine hub was also hacked and some in the network i'm in altaugh i use several passwords for each hub i'm in.
the hackers have a tool witch read you're password and with that they can get in.
for now the most hubs are dutch hubs that have been hacked but a warning is in place here i think.
with op security is you're nick linked to you're ip so if anyone else wants to get in with you're nick and pass he'll get bannend cause the ip doesn't match.the second time they tried it the hackers were banned :)
so it's a very nice security script!


guys can u tell me frm were i can get the libs files required for this script
i am getting the following error
opsecurity_v2.01.lua:42: attempt to call global 'loadlib' (a nil value)


its lua 5.0, you have to update is to lua 5.1.
On this board you will find how to do it, or look http://forum.ptokax.org/index.php?topic=6186.0

i am getting the following error
opsecurity_v2.01.lua:42: attempt to call global 'loadlib' (a nil value)

So te answer on your question is:
loadlib = package.loadlib

Good luck!!



how to use this script???what does this script do??how does the script protect the ops??


It compares the IP from the OP who is connected, with de IP in de table from the OP with the same name.

if ((tHosts[Name] == curUser.sIP)  or (WSA.GetHostByName(tHosts[Name]) == curUser.sIP)) then

If the IP is equal nothing happened.
If not the user will time banned for bantime
With the commands you can add or delete IPs from your OPs to the table.


i change the code but still i am getting the same problem can someone post the working opsecurity script please
thanks in advance

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