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- RoboCop v4.0 - Testdrive 3 or Higher!

Started by Optimus, 12 October, 2003, 23:07:26

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Hub tag or Register tag is explained earlier in this thread.
Start at page 1 and quickly scan through and pick up the usefull hints u need  ;)



Thanks Roy, I will check =))


I am thinking of going DC++ only soon in my hub. But I have 2-3 regular users that I dont want to ban, as they are Mac users, they cant upgrade.

If I Vip them, will it still check client an stuff? Or is it only Share and Slots that are ignored? If that is the case, could it be added?




Just another quick thought

Could you make the script non sexual? as in:

"user told us that he is away, he left this message"

perhaps use they instead?  :]

Looking forward to the new script and hubware 8)
We came, we saw, we PtokaXed his ass :P


Optimus can you edit in next version of robocop a single file of antiadvertising script,because in new version is hard to update this trigs.
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I just cant wait for a new release.... the hub software and the best script at once !! w00t

Good work Optimus, go for it

Greetings TLM

I\'d pretend i was one of those dead-mutes I thought what I\'d do was,   GITS SAC : The Laughing Man

\" Op @ hub.ultimate-collectors.com:4012 \"


well guy's thx your all welcome...

pfff, I know waiting is hard i'm getting abit sick off it also *lol*

But Ptokax isn't going any faster. The RoboCop.exe GUI is ready since a few day's, and being beta tested.

The script is doing verry ok guys, i changed so much that i really can't remember what subjects/features it's all about... *lol*
Think it's a pretty long list (longgggggggggg)

Requests are mostly all done AGAIN. Maybe 1 or 2 are still on the list. (But that will be buildin soon)
There are even lot's off new features that were not Requested... And they are COOL

Little hint this time is:??

Script will have all kinds off different PREFIXES... You can use them all at the same time. (Verry nice Trick)

* (About the script resources, they are still the same...)

Well it's wurth waiting for... thats all i can say Cause i''m doing this all for you Guys.

L8trs Optimus ;)


Opti is it possible to make a pool bot ?

or put it inside the robocop?...

the 1st would be nicer...

i got one... but ppl can vote more than once :|


Duno m8, ain't got the time for it as a extra Projeckt.
And robocop doesn't like Polls, its just to big for nothing. *lol*

If i may choose between a Poll script or Chatstats script i would choose the Chatstats.

Well that's just my opinion.. L8trs :D


no problem...
i will try to figure it out...
and get ppl in forum to help ... ;)


just had to mention

RoboCop is better than ever, awesome, brilliant all the good words i can think of in fact lol

keep up the excellent work opti m8, ;-)
>?Mm????L  N?tw??k????<


I am Eagerly waiting for both Ptokax new release and Robocop.. Combination Good eh ?  :P


sorry just had to say it feels so good to be called a newbie again, cheers moderators lol
>?Mm????L  N?tw??k????<




It may have been said before, but I'm having a bit of a problem with Robocop.  It's always worked great but it seems it's not wanting to work right for me here lately.  The slots check never really shows anything...just that it's checking and it may show one or two users then says it's done.  The other being the fakeshare checker....it normally catches alot of the fakers for me but now doesn't seem to catch any of the fakers...all my other functions work fine, but these two just ain't cutting anymore.  Any ideas.


Hi guy's

Let's see what i can tell is that the Fakeshare checker, is a little script with pre-defined (most common)Fakeshare amounts. What i'm trying to say is that people can easly bypass the fakechecker with a other Fakeshare amount. I'm using dc++k also and that's just way better finding Fakers

The !slots a duno for the moment, maybe your right maybe your not, hehe [Gone check it right away]

L8trs... ;)


I appreciate the help.  I dl dc++k, but haven't quite figured out how to install it yet....lol.  Feeling pretty stupid right now....lol.


Hia all,
Me back to My fav RoboCop :D Let me give u feedback on the latest version :D



Hi there,
I wanted to set the !write function to only VIPS and above and i tried to look everywhere... Can't it be possible ? :(



Hey Blaze m8 -wb-

Yhea can do that offcourse, no prob... RollTheDice lol


How do i do that? Just remove the command from User's list to Admins command list? Or something else i need to do ?


Gone look for you right away!

Will post a solution in a moment


Euh, only command that's called !write is the Release bot.


Find this:

elseif (cmd=="!write") then
WriteRelease(user, data, cmd)

Replace with:

elseif (cmd=="!write") and user.iProfile == 2 then
WriteRelease(user, data, cmd)

Some like that...

Bye all Greetingz Optimus


arghhh the problem is that i am seeing weired characters in the script? Is it becauses its compiled ? I tried chaning fonts , but no use :S All i can see is characters like Boxes.. You know what i mean ?

I tried the v3.0 and it can be opend in word editors and modified.. But this one v4 it seems to be c ompiled.. I had same problem with Glory Securitaz b4..



I'm Bored!!!

So here is small Preview off coming Stuff:

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