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- RoboCop v4.0 - Testdrive 3 or Higher!

Started by Optimus, 12 October, 2003, 23:07:26

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<%[mynick]> !warn %[nick] %[cheatingdescription]|

Update* To avoid the massive warning detailed spam in main i changed it to this:

<%[mynick]> !warn %[nick] There is something wrong with your share or client!|$To: %[nick] From: %[mynick] $<%[mynick]> %[nick] - %[cheatingdescription]|$To: OP-Chat From: %[mynick] $<%[mynick]> %[nick] - %[cheatingdescription]|

works like a charm as raw command, after 5 warnings = hasta la vista baby! ADL forbidden file search rocks in the ++k.

Darn, OP's get lazy these days  hehehehe



Good to hear m8

Using the same RAW code here to...

togheter with RC it really rocks



Hi, Is there a Robocop Faq somewere?

The script works great.

I would like to know what ( in settings) anti advertise, ip logger , fake share etc actually does/blocks etc before enabling them.

Bot searches like this are not always worth the added cpu load IMHO.



to see the faq in hub simply type !faq in main chat window, to see where within the scripts it is, try looking in txt folder,

the anti-advertise , is exactly that it stops advertisers in your hub (most anyway)
ip-logger, again it does exactly what it says logs all connecting ip`s.
fake-share, yup u guessed it, does what it says and checks for known fake shares.
if ticked all work, if unticked then not active,

hope that helps a bit ;-)
>?Mm????L  N?tw??k????<


Thanks Andi :) I have an general idea about what it was about :D

Was hoping for some detailed info as to what ads/ips etc would be blocked..

The !faq in hub main is about installing /using dc++ :P

Forgot to change that to my hub-faq.... lol




Update RoboCop 4.0a is out now...


 - 11mb mldc Client is destroyd now
 - Command !stealth is removed
 - End



found a bug.

when i use command:
? !upgrade          - Upgrade status of a registerd user (reg/vip/op/master)

it said in mainchat that he did, but he didnt do it anyway.
He was still an operator, even if he logged out and in. (operator in ptokax software too)
I had to fix it manually thru software.

keep going with updates for the script  :)
Xion++ - Where it all begins


hi guy's let's have a look!

Hi me have quickly tested it and i can't find anything strange. it's working ok here!

Me give you the Syntax please try again & let me know?


  !upgrade Zinden master
  !upgrade Zinden op
  !upgrade Zinden vip
  !upgrade Zinden reg

Have fun all & keep tuned.... Grtz Optimus


I'm also having a problem using the !regmaster, !regop etc commands

The hub reports that the command is successful in main chat, but looking in !showreg and hubware no change has been made

I found a temp solution by making the user a reg first (or asking the user to reg themselves) then use the !upgrade command

I have noticed this in 3 out of 4 hubs (all recently upgraded to PtokaX 0.326 TD4 and Robo v4.0)

Although 1 hub seems to be working fine now after a couple of attempts failed

I am testing it on 0.326 TD4.99 shortly and will upgrade to Robo v4.0a as soon as I've finished posting this  :)

Love the script, but a change to allow the timed
H U B  I N F O
message to be edited will be nice  ;)
Oh, and if it's possible to have a setting to disable the  !talk command, that would be a great help  :))
We came, we saw, we PtokaXed his ass :P


Weird  works fine here ?

TiM? ?(


hello, i dont get any syntax error.
if i try:

!upgrade Darshe Vip
<-=Gamer=-> *** zinden have upgraded user to [Vip] status!

so far so good, but he is still Registred he didnt become a VIP user. (using Ptokax TD4 4.99)

hmm if it works fine with you, maybe reinstall the whole hub.  But thanks fo letting me know that it works for you  :)
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!upgrade Darshe Vip

Hello it's  not Vip

It's vip


About The Syntax error

You can't get 1

If you do !upgrade Zinden Idiot


<-=RoboCop=-> *** Batje have upgraded user to [Idiot] status!

THis means that nothing wil Happen..........................

by all


Please guy's keep trying....

Maybe some Right Click Commands are usefull to....



I've put those commands in my NMDC notepad but they still doesnt work hehehehehehehe

(that was a joke)

Works great :P

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Hey Roy have you checked the !upgrade  command??

Can you check it out also m8,, thx

!upgrade roy vip ;)


Hi guy's

Rechecked !upgrade again & again can't find anything wrong.

All i can say is that it's [case sensetive]

so Vip or VIP  will not work

- Must be vip

same with OP Op

- Must be op

etc etc

Hopefully you all will sort it out   ;)


I think thats the case its the !stealth command, when unhiding it leaves the name locked to the hub, not removing the data becuase it doesnt know its there, and when unhidden then it sticks the data to the hub still not removing it ;)


Resistance is futile!



Thx for the reply m8...


Resistance is futile!


eemmm.. using %[nick]  in dc++ "rightclick gets this errmess...  *** Enter a valid username... from RC..

Im not impressed here as this works in most other scripts.. Ptokax or NMDC..



QuoteIm not impressed
Sorry m8 me neither, I alway's use it just like 100 others do. That's counted from RoboCop v1.0 (so this i working for months now)

So there must be some you did wrong


!ban %[nick] %[line:Reason]


Hope you will sort things out... No reason to get upset m8 there are plenty off other Scripts

bye all & have fun, Greetingz me Optimus  :P


Hi optimus..

!ban %[nick] %[line:Reason]

shure it  works..  Try adoping that one to

!timeban %[nick] 12.00 Dont share your windows folder !

You then get  *** Enter a valid username

It seems like %[nick] dont work i RC...



!timeban %[nick] %[line:hr:mn] %[line:Reason]

on time ban   need to put :     not   .

Works fine here  you are doing somthing wrong  m8



Yups it's like Timetraveller say's use that code

!timeban %[nick] %[line:hr:mn] %[line:Reason]

will work it out m8, have faith


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