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- RoboCop v4.0 - Testdrive 3 or Higher!

Started by Optimus, 12 October, 2003, 23:07:26

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Optimus, Shure.. I get it..  :D

!timeban %[nick] %[line:12.00] %[line:Share something !] works but also pops up an anoying window .. demanding you to type the reason..  I dont see the gain in that..

The whole idea about "speedy right click " commands in DC++ should be to avoid retyping boring std. kick/ban mess all the time..

At least in theory :)

Oh well..



Optimus, The !info "nic" command in RC is outstanding anyway..  

Sets your competitors miles back :))

Keep up the good work..



Hi all back again, was gone for a few day's

Hai Linc thx, me hope your enjoying the script now...

bye bye, and laterzzzz


Could you please add option to follow logon info and redirecting?
[FMF] Metal Imperium


QuoteCould you please add option to follow logon info and redirecting?
I'm gone put that on my request list but duno really when i'm gone start with it.

First thing i wanne do is changing some things regarding to the New Ptokax 0.330 release that will be out soon (I think/Hope)  :D

Greetingz me Optimus... Ciao all


And welcom to ore new moderator

TiM? :D



Thx m8, your welcome...


Hey i want to know if there is anyway i can change the commands and also add my own in robocop version 4.0a?


The robocop is a compiled version  so you cant  .

TiM? 8)


hmmm i need to ask something i have read all this forum about robocop now.
andf i kind of wondering what the hub tag is for?
me thinks its only there and doing nothing.
maybe you misst it?
i tryed everthing to see what it does

ps. this script is the best ever :) good woork :9
==>  :D ohhhhhh! ahhhhh! EHHHH !?   :D <==


hi all, let's see!

Hey about the Tag it's like this?


Hub Tag = Extreme

The Tag is for User Registration, if you enable the tag and register a user or vip or higher then he will look like this... [Extreme]?nake

If hubtag is disabled then he will look normal like?

Some like that



Can u add a banner and a hide commands in your next version of Robocop and will it be complied?


Hi m8

About your questions...

1. - The Hide command is just removed because it causing problems such as (Your Nick is Allready Taken!)

2. - mmm the banner i duno what you mean exactly because there are 2 allready so please explaine me??

Example 1:

- <>===========H=U=B==I=N=F=O===========
      ?Hub Owner:     [SU]Optimus?
      ?Hub Name:      .::S::e::i::b::e::r::t::r::o::n::.
      ?Hub Address:   magichub.mine.nu
      ?Web Address:  http://immortalforum.no-ip.org
      ?Hub Network:  !network
      ?Hub Rules:      !rules
- <>=====================================

Example 2:

Usage: !sendhubad

- <> ============ Seibertron ============ <>
       :::::::::::::::::::: Your Number 1 ::::::::::::::::::::
       :::::: Hub Address::magichub.mine.nu :::::::
       :::::::::::::: Let The DC spirit rules :::::::::::::::
- <> ================================= <>

ok just let me know

bye bye, Greetingzzz Optimus


When i said banner i didn't mean the two you were talking about i mean't a seperate command where you can write your own message and it will be displayed on main-chat like the one they have in channel bot. When you take out your next version of robocop will it be compiled version?


yo optimus,  punjabi predater means a script like this
- <> ================================= <>

                                           hi,  how r u?<<----- in the middle.

- <> ================================= <>
which every1 sees.


Yo guy's got the message consider it down in the next release. no prob   ;)


you can have +albums/+music, +software and +games for ppl 2 know wats the latest in the hub. have you got +cannabis etc.. in it if u don't u can add dat aswell. and maybe a game will also help.  :D


Thats what i mean't by the banner..............

When you release your next version will it be complied or can i change the commands about and modify the script?????????


Hi m8's let's have a look...

Quoteyou can have +albums/+music, +software and +games
Nope, main reason script will get to big - and i need the space for other improvements. About the GAME it's the same story...

But i can give you some advise:

1. - For albums/music/releases and stuff use CHILLA his script called Fresh-Stuff?  

2. - Games, let's see there is a Script-Archive with a Fun/games Category there are some games

3. - I think i will release 2 versions next time, 1 compiled, 1 not compiled. Maybe that's the best solution.

Link: Script-Archive



Yeah make one complied and one not complied it would be easier then cause i like the one thats not complied so i can edit and add new commands like !movies and stufff in there.


Hi all

yups no prob allready working on the new release v5.0

So stay tuned...


Good to hear Optimus :)

Keep on going, eagerly waiting for the next version :D :D


i can't wait either. hope 2 hear about it soon. :D


Thx guy's... 8)

Just a little hint allready that is??

New version will be Compatible will all versions off DC++k (Finaly got the error that's was causing the problem)

So that's a promising fact.


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